Monday, October 15, 2007


please explain to me
how do one get sleepy even after a 30 hours of sleep ?

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apparently after that awesome 20 hours of sleep straight
i woke up
had my meal
and 2 hours later i was asleep again
for another 10 hours +

and when i woke up
i have my meal
and i felt like sleeping again !
and at 9 just now i was back to sleep again for 1 hour !


see from

what to expect when you quit:

Inability to Concentrate
yes i have that
my mind like wonder around
and round and round and round

trouble sleeping
okay wait

"Trouble Sleeping

Nicotine is a powerful stimulant affecting brain waves, sleep patterns, sleep quality, subconscious, and even dreams. You are returning to your true levels of sleep need. You may find you need more sleep or less."


i sleeping beauty la

Bad breath or Nasty mouth
heh ? i don't feel so le
i actually feel my breath become nicer
my teeth become like smoother
wohoo !

Stomach Pain, Nausea, or Constipation
don't have also
i shit everyday stiff
don't feel like vomiting also
the stomach is all fine man

Psychological Withdrawal Symptoms

Cravings, urges, yearnings, and desires are powerful signals from our mind that it knows what we are trying to do! Not giving in to these primary cues results in the secondary symptoms: nervousness, anxiety, irritability, frustration, anger, rage, tension, jitters, shaking, shakiness, inability to concentrate,

cravings don't have
urges also don't have
kana the secondary symptoms thou

irritability yes
very frustrated now
shaking yes

Sadness or Depression
i think got a bit
feel damn sad a bit
like...last time i miss her right i can control
now i miss her
feel super duper sad
but i like the way they describe it
like a bit too much sia i think

"Giving up smoking is similar to the death of a loved one. It is a death of sorts, like the end of a marriage. Emotional loss associated with quitting smoking is documented. Mourning the loss is normal, grieve for grievings sake, don't forget to forgive yourself also."

lol ?

Ravenous Appetite or Constant Hunger
the very best part of course is this for me :D

now let me just go order mc d XD

one pic to share

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i like this
thou like super empty
i like it !

okay another one

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yes i'm stopping
it's been 2 days already
now wish me good luck !

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