Monday, October 29, 2007

escaping reality

after an extensive reading of various chapters from the textbook
i just knew i've had enough
i just knew the brain needs a damn break

and that
was when i decided to escape from reality a little while
and i knew immediately i have to pick up the camera

sitting down back on the table with the textbook and notes spread all over
i've got so sick of it that even shooting them isn't appealing to me at all
i'm someone who believes that anything can be artistic
it's just how u see them
everything can be beautiful
i was thinking of shooting "the place you shit at" and make it beautiful
but i'm in no damn mood for something fun
or shall i say
for something that requires me to think carefully compositionally and set up the lights and all

and then it just struck me

i attached the 580ex to the camera
took my water container
and i made a little visit to the toilet

before that,
to make sure i don't lose myself with the camera
i set up the glass and the water for coffee
so all i've got was
the time till the water boils

quickly i fill up the container with water
adjusted the tap
observe for a while the time it takes the water to drop from the tap to the container
and off the shutter went
the flashes shining its way

30 wonderful shutter's music later
it was the best sound i've heard today man
the shutter going off

ok ok
30 shots later
everything just went back like
i still got it !
it's amazing that i've only had to delete away 9 failed shots
after so long of not shooting water
i still got that feeling man
wohoo !

and the best sight i've seen today was from the small lcd of the 400D
water rising up
frozen in time forever

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thou the set up was crappy
lighting was not to the max
but these few shots definitely recharged me

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it brings back the energy inside me

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btw, all shots were handheld wor

and suddenly i'm just refreshed !
i've fired away some hundreds of shots on the water
killing off my boredom when i was in medan

and i shall say
that this pic
is my most loved picture of the water drop

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shot back in april
don't you just love the moment ?

let me go back to reality

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