Saturday, December 31, 2005

Happy New Year

my princess is in town :)

and here is the beginnin of my late wakin up times : /
and i've decided to put away the camera and just enjoy the moment.

it's how you enjoy ur holiday man.

happy new year all.

Thursday, December 15, 2005

I PASS !!!!

holy heaven

thanks god
thank you so much

this means...

1. i'm not gonna be back by 20th.
2. chances are at least by the 8th jan.
3. i can meet my happiness again !!!!
4. longer break.


merry christmas to pat and kiss tea and to the rest of my christian friends and to all christians as well.
also, happy new year to all.

my results are bad.
but i pass.
that's all that matters for now.

Tuesday, December 13, 2005

no, i don't want to go back.

i hope time stops now.

i'm in jakarta.
with her.

it's my last day.

and i'm fucking sad.


i hope tomorrow never comes.

which is impossible.
but i still hope.

Thursday, December 01, 2005

Sunday, November 27, 2005


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now what's that ?
christ givin me some sign ?

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Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

all hail the mightly weapon of satisfaction.

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to SIM mates :)
study hard.
but play hard too arh.
though this is one of the most difficult semester.
don't go nuts stuffin those notes in ur head.
all the best.
good luck fer da exams :)

*to the owner of the dog above.
no offence.
if you're uncomfortable with all those.
do tell me.
i'll delete it if u wish so.

Friday, November 25, 2005


we don't ask.
you give.
we take.
it's no much better than indonesia.

SIM called.

some woman : hello, herbert john please.
me : ....ya speakin.
some woman : hello, this is from sim.
me : ya ?

first dey she pronounced my name wrongly.
and she continued with an even worst news.

motivation to study = 0%
been slackin e whole freakin day.

it's either i'm turnin deaf or my speakers sucked me out.
it's like..when i turn to a certain level at the volume place dere.
it'll be loud.
but still seems soft.
checked other settings.
everything is the same.
may be i'm turnin deaf.

have got a motherfuckin bad ulcer.
i feel like shit.
seriously like shit.

Tuesday, November 22, 2005

oranges have flowers.

my chechear was talkin bout this positive externalities thingy.
and gave us an illustration of it.

"if you have a bee garden beside an orange farm, both will benefit.
the bees will go the flowers for honey and the orange will gain for it."

something like that la.

then my fren msg me.

"since when oranges got flower"

and i replied

"got la

"where got, you grow one ar"


then i asked another fren.
orange got flower ?
got lah
where got, only got leaves.

okay, i am damn fuckin sure orange tree has flower.
for what i know from my pure bio that BOK taught was most fruits come from flower.
if dey dun come from a flower.
where do fruits come from den ?

you need a freakin vagina to born a baby wad right.
flowers got vagina also one.
so the sperm ( pollen, i think. in the flower language ) will evolve inside dere wad.
then the fruit, which is the baby will come out ma.

another thing that i remember from bio is.
okay, i hope i don't remember wrongly la.
i haven't touch bio since 1 year ago.

a flower can have sex itself.

how ?
a flower can have 2 gender one.
having said so, a flower can be a male and a female.
and not a SHEMALE.
dey can have babies themself one.
1 flower can bear a child.
how wonderfu is that.

*shemales may have 2 genders too.but can dey fuck demself ?

and fellow is my prove that oranges have flower.

Image hosted by

not convinced ?
scroll down...

Image hosted by

still not happy ?

Image hosted by

still not happy ?

then i can only conclude that :
1. it's either u have problem identifyin a flower and an orange, or

2. u're partially blind or something, or

3. u're extremely dumb.

blocked sites was this.

Norton Internet Security has blocked access to this restricted site.


Blocked categories: Sex/Acts

If you think this web site is incorrectly categorized, visit the Symantec
Internet Security Center to report it.

which is understandable.

but now....

Norton Internet Security has blocked access to this restricted site.


Blocked categories: Sex/Personals

If you think this web site is incorrectly categorized, visit the Symantec
Internet Security Center to report it.

wtf ?
this is too much.

wayy to much.

screw you norton.
norton internet security sux.
but i figured it out :) anyway.

Sunday, November 20, 2005

pat sis vote


if you love good songs.
then you gotta vote here.

make good artists' dream come true.

please vote for

bonafide vintage flav'r

pat thank you for that.
and i too.


chapters of my life

it sure seems like i have two different books.

one in medan.
one in singapore.

it's definitely two different kind of road for each.
chapters of my life there and here are completely different.
and i just can't wait to continue my pieces of life there.
to flip over the new page from the book i've left two months ago.
to continue that little, yet fulfilling part of my life.

Image hosted by

to be on the road with my baby again.

to do something which many of you will not be able to do in singapore.

Image hosted by

you won't escape fines with that.

to just enjoy every single day without worrying bout books.

Image hosted by
to not worry bout doing laundry.
the dishes.
and even sweeping the floor.
to be with my bros there again.
where every second is full of laughter.
and crazy things.
Image hosted by
most of all.
to be sleeping on a proper bed again.
and banging the speakers disturbing my neighbours again.
Image hosted by
to be back with my parents again.
3rd, december 2005.
0800 a.m.
the time i'll close this book for a lil while.
6th, december 2005.
1700 p.m.
the time i'll be with my life again.

by the way,
happy birthday sis.
enjoy ur day.
love ya =)
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happy bdae erlina.

Friday, November 18, 2005

tennis pad


my spanish fren sent me this lar.
nigel is fuckingly for sure damn jealous la.
see i'm not really into tennis.
but he just sent me this lar..
dunno for wad also.
but still
damn happy lar.
to get a tennis player's pic and his signature in it.
power lah.

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the real bugger is nadal.

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Thursday, November 17, 2005

extreme makeover

it's quite unbelievable how time flies.
cz, pat, adam and i have been hanging out for more than 4 years.
close to 5.
since after taman negara camp.

i've always think that we are a group.
it's always the 5 of us.
it was,
cz, pat, adam, rahmat and i
and today...
only rahmat left and nigel came.
i really thought we are a group afterall.

last year, the year i was back in medan for almost a full 1 year.
it was when i met her.
and then i began to look back.
i kinda regret coming over to singapore.
school life there are so much better.
they actually support ur talent.
and u can earn money from it easily.
moreover, if i've been there all along.
then i won't go through all this with my gf.

i can't change history.
i made the decision.

one thing that made me not regret coming here are meeting you guys.
i owe u guys a lot.

we've gone throught so much together.
yes, though there were those days where we bastard each other.
those fucked up days.
but here we are today.
still kicking together.
spendin most of our nights together.
physically or internet-ically (lol).
we are 5 different individuals, bonded by friendship, strengthen by time and today......

we are brothers.
not a group.


pat were askin me if i have any of his sec sch pics.
then i was browsin thru my pics.
and from there.
this post came to ur eyes.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by

who's the most extreme ??


no photoshop was involve in the remaking of any of our faces.
only background,words and nigel was removed from some old secondary school pic and pasted there are photoshop-ed.
k nige, i only have like 2 pics of u when we were in sec sch.
thank you guys.

Wednesday, November 16, 2005

d's pic.

went to j's house for d's surprise party.
met up with eleta to get d's present.
get a flash camera.
then met up with sue at around 10.
and we head off to j's house.
reached there.
then met up with r and another gal which i forgot her name.
i really have problems remembering people's name.
and we have to blow....

Image hosted by
and waited...
and waited...
and found out this while walkin around j's basement.
Image hosted by
the koi are damn big lah.
Image hosted by
and d came in.
we attacked him with spray cans.
and he turned out like...
Image hosted by
then the cake and the wish....
Image hosted by
look at his snow !!!
Image hosted by
can u believe that he's 21 now ?
like wtf ?
he looked like he's still 17 or something lor.
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by
Image hosted by

Tuesday, November 15, 2005


d's bdae is tml.
will be at this surprise party tonight.

feel like fuck.
gotta start fucking studying after this.
god damn it.
i have to.
it's 15th already
15 more days to exam
damn it.
damn it.
damn it.
god bless me.

Sunday, November 13, 2005

pat's team

as requested by pat

Image hosted by
look a bit gayish thou
but comment wor :P

nig muscle

Here it is nige.

Image hosted by
comment please


soccer man of the year.

Image hosted by

soccer man
soccer !!!!!!

Image hosted by
Image hosted by

only we know the truth ah pat :)

Wednesday, November 09, 2005

pieces of my life.

u know when you with someone.
you will notice things around you.
since the first day i'm here in this house.
these are a few things i've noticed man.
and i find it fucking disgusting.

Image hosted by

this towel has been there since i first step in the toilet.

Image hosted by

those without arrows are mine.
that shampoo, tooth paste, and that mug.
has been there since the first day i used to toilet too.
fuck him.
it's been almost 5 months.
and his soap and toothpaste cannot finish one.

Image hosted by

only the level of WATER inside there changes.
and i suppose he use his soap and shampoo from there.

that's it.
3 unnoticable things in my toilet.
he, is my landlady's brother.
who's sleeping outside by the dining table on the floor on a simple thin mattress.

this morning, while cooking.
i went to the egg rack and......
what do you do to a cracked egg ?
u throw them or u do this ?

Image hosted by

i believe he go glue it.
fuck him.


pieces of my life.

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Image hosted by


Image hosted by

dream garden.

Image hosted by

my potential killer.

Image hosted by

fav. sport.

Image hosted by

my life.

Image hosted by


Image hosted by


Image hosted by

dream life.

and say hi to mr. grasshoper.

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