Saturday, April 30, 2005


see...i'm like half way readin tru jh's trip to china.and felt my eye went cocked up.
shall continue tml.

wad i feel like saying -

save the tigers
there were thousands but only 5000 today in our jungle.
"save the last lords of the jungle" - quoted from "two brothers"
quite a boring show.

anyway i was lookin tru my frensta when.....ok...i'm slow ok ok...i realised that they have daily horoscopes. >.<
so i read them.wonder if they're like the same for all scorpios or somethin like that.
anyway.first time readin fs horoscopes and i'm kinda impressed.

first about mine - sounds kinda true la.they said that i had just left someone behind which is true and should be expecting new companies today or tonight which is like VERY true.see i'm invited to a cousin's gf party.which she promised me that she shall bring over some chicks and intro them to me.and of course i made new friends in TBI and also i'm attending LOGO classes.k...LOGO is an english tuition course which connects me to SIM.LOGO is like SIM's representative in medan so one of the managers there that's like kinda close to me gave me a one week free ielts lesson which then if i'm interested i can join but got to pay la.the next thing the horoscope mention is that i've got a new flame.since they put it in the same sentence with the one that i left someone behind thingy...i suppose a new flame is like a new girl i'm goin after or just simply a new flame.yeah...that's very true indeed.

so....seing they said like so chun about me..i went to see that new flame friendster and yeah...they have that arrow thingy.which connects me to another horoscope which is very true still.
it stated that i've been good forever.yeah..i think.boys are surely damn good to girls they like don't least well...i am

that gal that looks like jh is refusing to talk to me for some reason.she very dao loh.don't even reply my smile.anyway...i'm more attracted to the other chick.ellen's her name.suprisingly she sat beside me today. ( don't know if she did it on purpose or was forced to my the other gal ( kristien or dunno wad lah..dunno hw to spell her name ) because our teacher will always group us during lesson and of course..the one that's beside me have to be my partner.the other side of me is the wall.anyway...ellen is like so much more open.i broke the ice and then we just click.laughin like two mad couple was what my teacher said.
anyway.enough of it.
ellen is pretty
and has a pimple on her nose which when i realise it..i wanted to
LOLOL but hold it.

good morning ladies and gentlemen
i'm gonna go....
watch kungfu hustle for the 2nd time.

Wednesday, April 27, 2005


i'm now officially a fan of............

jay chow
- he's good.though he always like forgets his lyrics during his concert. but he can fucking make up other words that "make sense" on the spot and just continue singin as if the lyrics are right.he's good.

david tao
- though he is said to be a bit hau lien cause his last album was a total success but still he's a good song writer and singer to me.he's got the voice.

dave wang jie
- a gambler that went bankcrupt cause of his debts.had his wife ran away from him and he escaped to new zealand now comin bck to the world of entertainment.since young till now he's got a motherfucking nice voice and fucking eunique.

i too like

andy lau
richie ren
and a lot more....

those are chinese singer
for like ang moh singers...

avril lavinge !!
linkin park
and of course i listen more than those two but i'm a fan of them.the rest will be like i just listen or like.

and i'm a HEAVY fan of X - JAPAN

i'm bored

Tuesday, April 26, 2005


can't sleep.

don't know how to start but i think there's a lot of things that's like running tru my mind now.
one of which is definetly my sleeping disorder.
i had just recieved a letter from SIM this afternoon.they congratulate me which brings of course to the good news that i'll be joining their school this coming first of july.a mere two months away from today.
joined TBI which stands for T-idon'tknowBRITISHdon'tknow for their eilts class.i'm the only male students out of 5 fun is that.2 chicks,one minah and one ugly duckling.

i hate my life now for that but i just can do nothing about it.

my everyday will be like...i wake up at 5p.m. and sometimes even up to 7p.m. have dinner, sit around the living ps wif bro..come online for a few mins...then go back to my room by around 10p.m. and then i'll slack till 6 a.m. watch spongebob and sleep.
"slack" time is normally me playing ps tru the nite or i'll read.
but now i've got no fuckin mood to read AT ALL eventhough there's like a DOZEONDOSEONDOZEAETWGKDAH;AJKFDG;AJDG;AJSGDAOOONSSANDTONNESSSSSSSSSSS of materials i have in my fucking DIRTY room.i'm even so lazy to pack up my room.
i need to have a normal life again.
i go out so much less often circle of friends are fucked up.
and now i'm like """"""""""""""""""""""""""fallin in love""""""""""""""""""" with a girl.a local celebrity i suppose.a good real life singer.a student still.and is like so fucking well known in medan that even i get stares when i walk beside her in the mall.unattached.suddenly always msg me when she has balance.but i think she's just being the friendly her.and i don't even think that i love her but i just can't stop thinkin bout her.she is my ex primary school classmates.go back mixing with her about a month or two ago.and have been like "close" but not that close but like 0.5% closer than normal friends would be.and i don't even know if she treats me just like any of her normal friend or.......and yes i would fucking love to go after her...and be with her cause be both just click like hell.
........i'm going singapore
........she'll be leaving medan for jakarta after she finishes her school this year....
and i """think""" that i wouldn't be bored of her in 3 months time
it means that i'll be kinda "serious" with her and try not to play her..
but FUCK IT...
just fuck it....

i'm paranoid
i'm going crazy
i need to change
i'm mad
fuck it

Friday, April 22, 2005

earthquake again !!! but in mah dream =P was a very funny least i think so.
i'm suppose to wake up at 10 cause today got i did.
i woke up at like around 10.05 and felt like my bed was shaking damn strongly !
i didn't hear any screams out was raining heavily.
then i was thinkin...
wtf...earthquake strong somemore !
since it was like raining damn heavily out there....i was thinking...where do all the people run to ?
normally they'll all run to the streets if an earthquake were to hit us.
then i pictured what would my mother do.since dad is at office i didn't get to like see him in my few seconds of images.
i was
how come mum nv call to wake me up ? normally she would...
i returned to sleep and just fuck care....

all those were just my dream.
it was like damn real i really thought it happenned !!
not until i actually woke up and went to the window to see that it was fucking hot out there.

after walkin to the window i went back to must have been like around 10.30 by then.
i was still damn a half awake half asleep state and could just fall to deep sleep within seconds when i suddenly felt someone tap my shoulder. !!!
i quickly turned to see if there were actually anyone behind me.......the tap there is DAMN real...and it's FUCKING IMPOSSIBLE that any normal human being is able to BE THERE BECAUSE I FUCKING LOCK MY ROOM DOOR AND I ATTACHED THE KEY THERE SO THAT NO ONE CAN FUCKIN OPEN MY DOOR EVEN IF THEY HAD THE KEY TO MY ROOM !!!
i sleep clotheless ma...scared mother come in and like

ok........explain this to me....
there's a "ghost" ??? in my room ???
that shakes my bed to wake me up....then because i'm still too lazy finally tap me on my shoulder to wake me up..

Saturday, April 16, 2005

what is happening ?

it all started with the pathetic earthquake in aceh.then it hits medan....and nias
then flood...
and now....volcanoes in indonesia is under - active - potentianl eruption
volcanoes are gonna erupt
and guess what ?
it was snowing in medan !!
don't believe it ?
me too...

but i was there.
while driving along that just seems that there were a blast.wind fucken strong damn tree fell...
den there were pieces of ice fallin down from no like those ice u use for ice chendol...funny
but it happen.

it seems like the end of the world is so much nearer.....

Tuesday, April 12, 2005

as requested =C

earthquakes ?
it seems like it's everywhere here now in indonesia, especially sumatra

anyway.....andrias,like where are you now ? Medan ? how dare you don't find me.
call me at 081370000686 a.s.a.p u idiot.

first it was aceh...den medan...den nias and now Padang. a 6.8 hitcher quake.
i didn't felt it during the time
as i was watching the bourne supremacy or is it supremecy ?
anyway as i was watching...again i felt my bed movin
quite dumb right ?
and i pause the show and walk around to see.i went to my window there to see the condition of the road.this tremor was stronger than the other time....the other time where i felt my bolster moved my itself...

- bert is hungry -

so i was preparing myself.if i see any house opens it's door i'll quickly run to my sis room.wake her up and run downstairs again.i had my fone prepared with me even ! in case of blackout like the other time.
well nothin happen.
i'm now doubtin my sense of feeling.why like this kinda thing always happen when i lay motionless on my bed uh ?

- bert is damn hungry now -

andrias - which earthquake uh ? if u want to feel tremors like me then u have to live up at the 3rd storey.the tremors are noticeable up there.on land level it's no shit lah.

may the victims of the tsunami as well as the earthquakes rest in peace.
may pope john paul 2 rest in the arms of his angels too.
may those dying have a blessing from heaven thus their death won't be the miserable..
and may i.....have a brighter future =D

Saturday, April 09, 2005

the future........and a funny quake story =>

Image hosted by

funny ?
ok here's the story about how that pic come to its existance....
it was about 3 days ago. and i drew it on that very night but since that very night blogger screwed up and i can't blog, i've been keepin this pic then.
it was like yesterday then i recieved the news from jpae shit sayin that my application was unsuccessful thus, i've been busyin myself with school stuff.
anyway, that night...i went out for a very very small reunion with my primary school friends here. jilly, cika and i. when i returned home....jill msged me askin me to becareful as there are rumours that they'll be an earthquake again that night.thus, i kept my senses on.
i was playin my ps2 when i happens
i was puffing too...well as usual..and i kept the fan on instead of the aircon.
the bolster was beside me as i lay on my stomach facing the tv. then the little vibration came.i felt it..and my windows were banging on each other...not that hard though but it was noticable.
since the shakin were not that strong...i doubt the to make it sure i took a look at my bolster.and it moved by itself !!!
then i was wondering it the fan or is it the quake ?
the fan blow so strong meh till my bolster can shake itself...
no longer....a police car went passin by the road and were announcin "earthquake earthquake"
i was barely noticable thus there were no people runnin out of the house.
------ the end ------------

bout my future of sch..
i was kinda impressed with monash in leh.
so i was thinkin of gg there.
but then again....comparing the was kinda like....aiya...
so i went askin about SIM since they have an exibition here in medan.
and like wad ?
my results are eligible !!
so........................................i'll be having my BB in marketing in 3 years ++ time !!!!
15 months for a diploma in mangement studies..then about 2.5 years or 3 for my degree !
it's a fucken shortcut
but can i do it is the question.......can i do it without failing again ?

then.......comes another question
is SIM a good sch ?

Tuesday, April 05, 2005

quake ah

erm...earthquakes still around
blackouts are daily...sometimes even twice to three times a fucken day.
but luckily these are the "gempa susulan" don't know what's the dumb term for english but it means something like earthquake attacks after the major one which happen sadly in aceh resulting in the tsunami.
anyway, from what i heard...tru the news are that these kinda earthquakes won't be as strong as the mojor one.well the major one was 9.5 attackin melaboh and on medan was 7.9
then the nias earthquake was 8.5 but in medan was 6. something.
so to on-coming earthquakes in nias will not be any stronger than 6.something which means it'll be like 4. something nia in medan.
ok the earthquakes that's still around is like happen in nias.thus when the tremor reached's kinda like no more feeling.i myself don't feel any shit anymore but the news still reported earthquakes. it's not that shaky...and no su, my house won't crash on me.not unless one fucken 7. somethin or higher earthquake hit medan.and if i'm aslp...den i'll be in the ruins.

we have got two houses side by side.
the new house have
my room
sis room
dad's office
exercise / lepak room on the 4th floor...
the old house have
parent's room
bro room
main office
maid's room

my tv nv drop moved onli.a bit nia coz i manage to move my tv back to it's original position when i return to my room for my hp.
i don't know how to describe the way i was lyin down i drew instead. lol