Thursday, April 30, 2009

kebun binatang | penguins

so i went to the singapura kebun binatang today
do what ?
shoot binatang lor
shot some 300 over pics
to get a better pic each time after each shot
end up 1 animal i have like only 2 - 3 pics
and i didn't really shoot quite a lot of animals : /

one thing photography
to be precise
macro, landscape and animal photography
really thought me a lot of patience through these years
i wasn't as patience as i am today back back then
these types of photography just require patience
u gotta wait wait wait and wait
to just get that one right moment
when that snake hat its tongue out
when the penguin jumps in to swim
when that monkey jumped off for a swing
and of course
the right light
the right place
the right angle
all must put in patience one

and since i'm very tired liao
gonna just post 6 pics from the earlier part of the day today d

had to wait for this monkey to turn around
coz singapore zoo's monkey all mostly only show us their asses instead of the face -.-"

had to wait for this bird to turn its head back a slight bit so the light hit its face nicely

the penguins
pretty much just wait and anticipate them to swim pass across in front of me lor
instead of go swim up or down




this of course
had to wait for the monkey to jump on that thing there
and do its tarzan thing


i am
very very very
physically and emotionally tired
gonna go back home real soon.

after the exams

finally !
the exams are over
after weeks of self-imprisonment
like literally
wakeup study eat gotoiletbathebrushteethshit study studysomemore have15minsbreak backtostudying studysomemore havea2-4hoursnap wakeup study gotoiletbathebrushteethshit eat study study study studysomemore sleep
3 weeks of that
and after i going through all of that
regardless of whether i'd pass or not later
i don't really care
the one thing that's true is
i've give it my best
i really did
give my best
and the feeling of post-exams after you've given your best is really really awesome
regardless of whether you can do or not during the exams
it really feels great

after the exams
immediately after my final paper
i went to go have some steamboat buffet with the guys
eat till stomach wanna explode
after that go home sleep d
and spent the entire of the next day (yesterday) doing nothing
practically i was like lying on the bed almost the entire day
and that.
feels damn good

so today i went out lor

i went sku first to meet the frens coz their final exams are today


after that we went to orchard
went to go makan first with brokoli and st
we went makan sushi @ sushi tei


after that yuli joined us
and we went to go watch movie
went to go watch knowing
which seems a bit horroish
some scenes got me jumping out a little out of unexpectation
and i don't jump off the seat even while watching horror movies one
so that's like damn good !

got one scene, practically the entire row of my seat like jumped off and all roll on the floor all like fell down knock here knock there
ok too exaggerating

after that we went to makan again for supper @ xin wang @ cineleisure



after that i went home
edit these 5 pics
and present them to you
and wrote these very long sentences which doesn't make sense
coz i'm sleepy and i'm suppose to be in bed already coz tml i gonna go zoo !
ok bye !
show you some animals pics tomolo !

Saturday, April 25, 2009

soemtimes it feels this way

doesn't it ?
out of no where
u woke up and feel


out of the blue
it's like as if you've dreamt of something terribly bad
but you can't remember what you've dreamt of


or may be it's just the stress ?
and the extreme lack of sleep ?
i think so
man i'm tired
and truly,
can't wait till i can get the creative part of the brain working again
notes + memorizing are simply a dead subject
oh i'm so darn tired

Friday, April 24, 2009

1 over 1 more to go

i'm 50% closer to freedom now
last paper will be on monday
tonight's rest and break night
the battle starts again tomorrow
am 4 days away from freedom !

today's paper ?
no comment really
all i can say is
i don't think i've ever been quite this "hardworking" ever throughout my degree course
i bought a new fresh foolscap paper for this subject
coz the way i study is a little bit not very environmental friendly
i have to write down my own notes
i can't just read and memorize
i have to write
write and write
and by the time i finished writing this morning
to my surprise
i finished the entire half of the foolscap book -.-"


2 photos i shot yesterday

am sleepy
wanna go sleep :)



good night people !
for those that's still battling with the notes
god bless ya'll
"it always seems impossible until it's done !"

Thursday, April 23, 2009



first paper of the year 2009
in 13 hours time


good luck
all the best
god bless ya


Wednesday, April 22, 2009

the paper's tomorrow

well, just realized that this time round
there's no escaping reality series that i usually do during my exams period
guess this time round i don't shoot cats that much
or may be i'm concentrating more or what
which is good
and after some 30 over pages of handwritten notes later
i think i'm quite comfortable on what i've been preparing so far :)
so good luck too to those currently having their exams !



k gotta go to revise last min alreadi
pics from my previous escaping reality series one

Tuesday, April 21, 2009

"male" and the notes 02

woke up extremely late today
so gotta study more more more more !!!
so final part of "male" and the notes today




help make b.magazine a success !
contribute !!
your shout outs
your opinion on what i should input
your pictures !
first issue's theme is LOVE
send your inputs / contribution at

and remember
spread the words :D !

Monday, April 20, 2009 digital magazine

i'm not sure about this
but i think i want to make a commitment to it

after much consideration
i've decided to produce an online magazine !

what's digital magazine ?
well, it's a free for all 25 - 30 pages online magazine.
it'll contain a few pages of my personal works, a featured photographer page with interview, featured works page and of course tips and tricks based on the months' topic

i hope by producing something like this, i can further help fellow photography enthusiast and at the same time acknowledge unknown photographers among my circle more to the public

thus, will definitely need the support for the first launch's success
help out by contributing to the "featured works" page !
this month's theme is - LOVE !

send as many pictures as you want to based on the theme LOVE
maximum size 800px across
you'd be notified to send larger size if you picture is selected !

spread the word people !!!

Sunday, April 19, 2009

"male" and the notes 01

it's been more than a week that i continually study study and study
like non stop
leading a boring and rather awkward kinda life
and tonight is the first night kinda that i woke up so darn late
overslept by 2 hours
kinda pissed off because of that
waking up late for my study time has always been something that i hate
coz the more i sleep tru the night, the less "night" time i'd have for my studying
these past few days,
as i throw more chapters into my schedules to cover, kinda am getting accustomed to studying in the morning too
but then again, it's kinda too noisy so kinda have to throw in double concentration too
and i think that's why i'm getting more and more tired each day

as an exams destress this morning
i shot !
something that i'm feeling

a little depressing coz there's so much to study
and i think also
it's how we all feel with notes and books around right
kinda hard to shoot positively with all these notes and books surrounding you each and everyday of you life

here's "male" and the notes
dividing into two parts
3 photos each part




more tomorrow :D

Saturday, April 18, 2009 flies

my god
time sure flies
didn't realized that i've lived this boring way of life for 1 week
woke up late today
damn hungry now
so gotta hurry up before your night is over

1 photo to share


use your camera's long exposure noise reduction man
it works like

Friday, April 17, 2009

10 days to freedom

it's been 7 days since i've turn my life upside down
by that i totally means upside down
your night time is my day time
and your day time is my sleeping time
the peace and quietness of the night is the only time i can study well
it's been like that for years and i've never thought of changing it
and boy,
these days have been pretty much lifeless
i'd wake up at 11pm
bathe and have my "breakfast" while watching either antm or southpark
then sit down a bit editing pic for this post
and once all these slacking are done
usually it'd be around 2am
i'd pack my books
head down to the study area nearby
and began mugging
often, i'd then take an hour break after 2 - 3 hours of straight studying
that'll be the time i come home
roam around deviantart or other people's blogs
after that i'm down at the study area again
and all the way till 6 am
come back home
finish up whatever chapter i've allocated myself to for the night
and then i'd have another meal
watch another episode of antm / southpark
and i'm off to bed

and the cycle repeats
pretty darn boring and tiring

share a photo i shoot during a break time where i decided to shoot instead of coming back online again


10 more nights of lifeless boring days
and i'd be free !!
can't wait.

Thursday, April 16, 2009

fai ming's jump !

a member of my club
and he's like into jumping so much
he practically jump like everywhere la
he has like
the most hilarious jump ever !

ok ok ok

here's 3




and here's something i've been trying to master more lately
something i'm definitely gonna implement in my next pre-wed shoot !



i shall go bathe
and study !

Wednesday, April 15, 2009

a very very random outing

a few days ago,
sutrisno was like hungry
so he msged me on msn
ask me if wanna go out for a dinner
then fai ming also msg me
say he very bored
so i asked him eh go together la
then he say eh bring camera la
so we go out lor
to orchard cineleisure
coz i also wanna buy something there
so we go d
bring camera all
first of coz we go makan first


and after that we just walk walk walk around orchard with random shootings d




second part of the post i continue tml d
it deserves a special single post for itself
gonna go have my "breakfast" now :D

Tuesday, April 14, 2009

airsoft final

man...i'm getting tired already
4 chapters down and i'm starting to feel the pressure
lots and lots more to go !!!
1 movie break
then i'm back to the notes :(
anyway, final part of the airsoft pics !






k..gonna go have my break already

Monday, April 13, 2009

airsoft 02

hmm...studying's been on schedule so far
so it's good
just hope that whatever i've study will be absorb as much as i'm absorb into it then
i don't think i'd say much
here's airsoft part 2 :)






well, initially i wanted to make a storyline based post from these pictures
but since that'll take too much of my time in front of the computer
i'd forgo it for another time d if i still do remember then
enjoi :)

Sunday, April 12, 2009

airsoft 01

last december,
my shooting buddy back home in indo arranged this airsoft shoot and asked if i wanna come along
so i tag along onli lor
coz holydays man
and i was free also

quite an interesting experience i must say
3 photos to start off first d




kk, my break time has just officially ended
so time to go back to the books
more tomorrow !

it's the 25th months together
and girl i can't help but to love you more each and every passing day
after everything that we've been through
all i can say is
i want more to this for the next 25 years !!!
love you, f :)

Saturday, April 11, 2009


how's the new layout ?
kinda like it
coz on some days...i can just simply add something in the "work station"
hang a picture frame ? a new equipment ? a feature ? or may be i'd pop out too ?

on another note,
the exams fever has officially started
made my schedule
and well...i'm gonna face some 17 days of full study study study study study and study + random shooting to relieve the stress in between

so what i'm posting tomorrow ?

it's a.blur
just like a photo i shot when i was back home
i don't know
i have photos i haven't edited before one
but that'll take time in front of the mac
and that is something i don't have right now
should be in front of the notes more now
ok ok
too much time spent typing alreadi
going off


hey what's up notes !

Friday, April 10, 2009


do not wish to discuss what exactly happened the night it happened
things lost were all very emotionally valuable to the both of us
things we've both worked hard to get
the experience were both as traumatizing at it was to the both of us
having two knifes pointed at your neck both left and right isn't exactly my kinda joke
and it definitely isn't another one of those days...
it was much much worse than that

i doubt that they've ever seen the gadgets before as i've never ever and rarely very rarely take out my gadgets to the streets apart from my camera, and that is also only when i'm on assignment
i don't even take out my iphone right outside of my house

the lucky thing is of course that we were safe and that's all that truly matters

really want to let this go.

i personally here thank you to those that've shown concern, be it via sms / call / my tag/ facebook / msn / ym / twitter
thank you very much

on a brighter note,



i'm currently working on a new more proper layout
but don't know how long again will that take as i'm currently already in the midst of preparing for my exams starting today
definitely will try to update as daily as i used to have
enjoy these 3 shots i did randomly during my 1 week trip back home this time




wishing the nightmare will just go away as fast as it happened.