Tuesday, March 29, 2005


na bueh...first time i tio earthquake sial.and these are what actually happened

- i'm supposed to go to my grandparent's tomb this morning.since it's kinda cheng beng days.i assume the ghosts all are out :x

i was alone in my room watching the just rented the incredibles.i lay on my bed.like this
Image hosted by Photobucket.com

apparently my bed is made of two beds on top of each other.the one bellow acts as the spring.

so i was watching...den na hia.on 23.00 chun chun ah..ok about there lahi felt the upper part of my bed started moving.i didn't move AT ALL !! my first reaction was.k dumbly.i looked behind cause i thought that there's some "dirty thing" disturbing me.well since like i said.currently's the time where all those ghosts came out.so i thought THEY COME AND DISTURB ME.i turned around but still the shakin continue. then i paused my show and got up on the floor.it was dark. the only source of light was from my tv.then the shakin gets more violent.nothing but like "FUCK...TIO EARTHQUAKE" came to my mind.well i was smoking.then immediately i put off the cig i just lighted..hide my ashtray as fast as i could.put my shirt on.then i was only in boxers.den ran off my room shouting for my sister."VIA VIA"blurly.she had slept..den she came to the door."WHAT LAR"by this time.i'm already on the staircase going down.but like halfway nia cause i want to wait for my sis lar.den i said "earthquake la" den she started to feel it too.it's damn fucking shaky.damn violent.seriously.fucking 8.5 hicther.den as my sister were walkin towards the staircase..the lights went off.IT'S PITCH BLACK.and i'm stuck on the third floor with my sister in TOTAL darkness.anything can happen sial.den i quickly but carefully got back to my room.wanna take my hp so as to be the source of light.IT WAS STILL SHAKIN.wif the wall as my guidance nia.i really felt i was blind for a moment.indeed the shakin was violent.it's violent enought to even shake my shelfs of books !! when i went in my room again for my hp.i saw my tv moved, and was afraid that my cds collection will topple down all and also all my figurine.den outside i could hear people on the road shouting "EARTHQUAKE EARTHQUAKE" and the dogs were barking violently too. animal instinct eh.na beh.den after i took my hp.both of us quickly ran down to my parent's house.with me almost slippin off at the 2nd floor.all of these happens when everything's still moving !!then as we approach the link between my house and my parent's house..everything seems like a stop.and i felt like i've just gotten down from a badly wave-hit ship voyage.giddy.we all ran to the road.and the whole neighbourhood was out there with our very own torchlightsthe tragedy doesn't stop here.we were attacked again emotionally by STUPID DUMB FUCKERS rumours.well, obviously everybody here are traumatized by what happened in aceh.this earthquake was not as strong as the one that caused the aceh tsunami but it lasted much longer.5 mins that is.once everything calmed down..we all went to bed.fuckin humid and hot.with candles to light the room nia.then phone calls kept coming in.handphone connection was low.actually,handphone cannot even be used at all !!only house phone with housephone were our only connection to the outer world.calls came in saying water had came up dunno here and there lah.askin us not to fall aslp and be alert.cause like the whole kampong people that lived near water source had ran off their homes.and i saw the news that in aceh too.the earthquake hit at 23.00....people in aceh were still runnin off to the hill at 03.00 !!all false rumours.eventually everyone slept like only one to two hours nia.den we got off and went to pray.
the news in aceh is like....there are still earthquakes attackin aceh.2800 earthquakes per day hit aceh.only people don't feel it was because it's in the ocean bed and it's not very strong.but you have 2800 to 1 chance that one stupid earthquake will hit harder then the tsunami again.scary uh.

fucking shit..luckily i copied my entry when the screen's still loading...IT WENT BLANK...

Sunday, March 27, 2005

fuck it...just fuck my left will u ?

this journey of my life
is changing
the wheel of my life
is turning

everything good has end
leaving nothing but memories
i know right from the start
every beginning has an end

discouraged and lost
i shall cherish the times
i will remember them

talking about tomorrow
there lies my mystery
engulf with mistery
agony is all i see

so please
please tell me what to do

i'm lost
in the world of my own
in the road of this long lonely life
unfair shall i say
i've just destroy my own life

and tell me what should i do
i'm all alone
please bring me back to my road again
wo hao hai pha

so please
please tell me what to do
stuck in the puzzle of life
wo hui fang xia
so please
bring the old me back

leavin my soul
i see a story
a story about me
it's all about me....

the me that's in the silence of this night
the me that's in this hour of loneliness
the me.......that's been a mess
the me.......that should be better off dead.

Monday, March 21, 2005

well....let's do a lil bit of boasting

ok ok....a lil sad entry at the top first....

how u ever feel like........rejected, lonely and out of place ?
i kinda do
here is how they goes....

previously erm....last year
i had these girls with me....not at the same time.but both were my girlfriends.let's name them. K and L.
K was my girlfriend here in medan when i two timed her when i was in singapore.everybody knows i'm a bastard ain't i ?
case K
okay...so everything was doin fine wif K.i'm the first person who stole her lips and the first person, kinda of course to have her upper body taken.i'm a normal teenager in need for sex.i'm a scorpio hey.i'm OK anytime u want it.not that i'm desperate.so anyway, for another i broke her up through the phone.she was crying badly and i'm used to it - girls crying FOR me.the main reason why i broke her up was because the other girl - V is much prettier and well known than K.K ain't that beautiful but she sure has a fuckable body.she has the body ! i dumped her anyway.
case V
some misunderstanding and we broke up.
case L
i was pretty serious with her till her mum busybodily laid her hands on our relationship.i was forced to break her up right in front of her mother and a crying L.i too stole her first kiss and went pretty bad for her body.the upper one only.the same with case K but i did it more often with L than i was with K.she has a motherfucking nice voice.

when they were wif me...they were nothing.NOTHING.not so well known.not that beautiful.that innocent.and three of them loved me a lot.ok so now everything turns up side down.
last year i, through i've never been into any secondary schools here i was still famous among them.it simply seems like the 4 major sec schools girls here ( mostly ) know that there's this guy named herbert...better known as bert or B.i don't know how.but it used to be like my phone was always ringing wif msges from girls that i don't know and that i don't know how they got my number wanting to know me.i swore it used to be like that.i used to be "eyed" when i walk around in shopping malls and have never been rejected ( ok i was rejected twice ) when i approach a girl askin her numba.am i that UGLY NOW ?
K is one of her sch most chio gal now.famous from it of coz.
V is like so well known now...through she didn't change much.
L just won the grand finale of her school competition yesterday morning, turned into such a beauty that i nearly dropped my jaw when i saw her yest.and of coz..without question...the star of her school now.
K,V, and L are from diff schools.
and now........my phone could last for 2 days without recharging.

..............................i'm ugly >.<
that's a sad thing to know

more boasting about my life here !

okay.......guess what ?
I HAD DINNER WITH A FUCKING TNI ( the army of indonesia...bambang susilo was a tni...tni is the most high ranking army.the most in charge.higher than the soldier, the police, the abri, the navals, the air force...basically...they control all of those department that's suppose to take care of the law and order of indonesia.in short..the highest ranking officer of tni will the just the man right under our vice president...( i'm not that confirm..but it's just what i heard ).
k.......and this TNI is not any normal green uniformed TNI.
how cool is that ?
and my family had dinner with him.lol.and he's my dad's best friend. ( kind of )
and i surely hope he'll intro BAMBANG SUSILO to dad. WAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHA

anyway..it's just fuckin HARD to even treat them lor....that's why i make such a big deal about it.

through the dinner...the conversations were about aceh..about how he went to aceh 2 days ago and shot down 8 members of the GAM ( gerakan aceh merdeka ). GAM are retards. they are a people who doesn't want indonesia help and wants aceh to be independent.they are people who shoot down our army and may be your army too when we all help at the rebuildin of aceh.
and he told me how WEAK and POOR indonesia's millitary is.
i'm just so disappointed.

SINGAPORE can take the whole of indonesia down anytime.

don't even know why i felt like rejected and all.....don't even know why i'm typin those even.but it's typed.
and just don't give a fuck bout it :)
it's just some part of my life that i keep as a secret to myself all these while.

Friday, March 18, 2005


woke up
went to work
tutor called to cancel tuition
came home
tutor called again to say tuition was on
have dinner
went tuition
fuckin kana black out
went find friends
go play pool
came home


so my bro ain't talkin to me no more.for THAT fucken reason i think.
- dad talkin to his friend outside...talkin bout all those high rankin police that he knew. and about an incident in which an officer and him went to eat. the story ->
( dad and officer sittin waitin in a well known restaurant in jakarta. half an hour had past when finally the waitress came to them offering the menu. another half an hour or so again the same fucken waitress came and told them that what they had ordered were out of stock. thus, they ordered a whole 3 course meal again.and again.....another half an hour or so the SAME WAITRESS came tellin them that the meal were out of stock AGAIN !!!....fucking pissed now...the officer took off his gun from the waist there and slammed it on the table (( I REALLY WOULD LOVEEE TO BE THERE AT THIS MOMENT )) and said... "U FUCKING FRY THIS { pointin at the gun }" the waitress in terrible shock...ran off..moments later the GENERAL MANAGER of the restaurant came running apologizing to them" -
i was tryin to talked to my bro but i think he's kinda pissed which make me pissed too..


angels and demons is a motherfucking nice book ! it's more thrilling than are you afraid of the dark...at least to me =P

Thursday, March 17, 2005

been a long time

...............it's 10.50 pm here right now
i'm sitting....head lying against the window staring at this dumb boxy computer.........

where to start ?....
let's begin from the moment i reach home from singapore
this might be a long entry.

in singapore -
was staying over nigel's house and that morning seems like a fucken rush.indeed it was a fucken rush.the day previously i was chattin with my friend, andrias about how he missed his flight back home and how he kept reminding me to sleep early...well he's my room mate for like 2 years ++ thus he knows i sleep fucken late. however i ignored his advice.can't remember what time did i exactly sleep.i think i was still down there by the pool with nige and pat talkin.....eh no....pat wasn't there...nige slept early. it was my last day there and i was alone reading in my room...if i'm not wrong.anyway...i slept late and for the fucking first time i wake up late for my flight. i woke up 7.30 for a 8.45 flight and you're always adviced to be in the airport at least an hour +++ before your boarding time..how cool was it.
and yes i admit...i didn't bathe that morning. i rushed up...changed and woke nige up.thanking him and bla blba bla..next thing is i was runnin down the road for the taxi with my laugage behind.suppose to msg cz on what time i'll be there or something but i didn't...den met my gf in the airport....was told immediately to board the plane...just had time enough for a kiss and a simple hug.
so.........back home in medan -
in the car...mum was driving..
she was suddenly tellin me about dad's spoiled phone and shockingly gave me a budget of 2.5million rupiah..erm...it'll b S$ 416...to pick up a new phone i'll buy.
since dad is reluctant to go learn bout new phone functions and is only familiarised with nokia 6100..mum told me to give mine to him in an exchange for a new one.
it's a fucken good news :) thought it was a fucked up budget..
but anyway that night
bro....whom had used his own money to buy a fuckin 6630 that cost like 4.8million rupiah ( S$ 800 ) decided to give his fone to me...complainin that he kind of don't like the phone since it's big and is not as good as he'd expected.anyway...he got mum into buyin him a new phone.
and i wanted nokia 7610
the following day...
without even lookin tru for phone features and on the net...he went on to purchase nokia 6260 on ( i strongly believe ) random.
so everything's settled...
i get his 6630...a second hand phone though from my bro and though only less than a week old but had been mishanded and dropped once.
my bro got a NEW 6260 that cost S$583
dad got my phone
and eventaully too my sister after her trip to penang a few days after i return..got herself a new sony ericson K700i..
fair and square for us 3 siblings :)
what a wonderful parents i have.....

but fuck now
i got home from work today.
tired from thsoe cute little bitches and bastards.
and was told
mum : "Bert...ur bro wants HIS phone back"
me : "what's wrong with HIS phone ?"
mum : "aiya...he can't use flip phone one lah"
me : ".........."
i didn't say anything and just went to my room..and when my bro got home from his tuition..
me : "what's with YOUR phone ?"
bro : "no lah...just wanna change back"
me : "where can like that"
bro : "i just want the taste of this new phone what"
me : "fuck you"
i went back to mum's office for the comp....

mum : "change ur phone back with ur bro's one"
me : "EH FUCK LAH ( if i could..i would have said that...but being a nice brother and son...i tried SUPER hardly to control my FUCKING temper )....if u know in the first place he cannot use flip phone den why u bought it for him ?"
mum : "......................"
me : "like that....the other time might as well u buy me the new phone right..i never wanted to use THAT PHONE ( 6260 )"
mum to my bro : "nevermind la..tml u change wif ur sister"
bro gave me an evil smile...a smile that kinda indicate

ok ok........
it's not that i hate 6260 or whatever
it's the "i just want to have the taste of new phone wad" that FUCKING PISSES ME OFF !!!!!
.........fuck it

btw...i didn't said "fuck you" to my bro....it's just one of the thing that i wish i wanna say :)

it feels better now
and let's see what my sister has to say over this matter tml....
seems like i'm quarellin with my bro over a fuckin phone
what kinda fuckin bro i am ?