Saturday, January 28, 2006


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now you girls are gonna have your ang paos and all.
you'll definitely need a good damn fine neat great looking bag that'll easily match any of your new year clothes to carry those ang paos right ?

how perfect looking this piece of bag is.
i know you're fallin for it.

see it comes with a super very handy front zip.
with a damn long string which means you can easily unzip it and put in your angpaos in them.
sometimes you just paiseh right to carry those ang paos around in your hand ?
or like pai seh when people see you puttin it in your pocket right away.
well, what you can do is just unzip it all along.
once you recieve your ang pao.
turn back.
put them in.
no one knows where you put it.
and if you're ah ma or ah kong is like that old liao till cannot remember thing properly.
may be they'll even give you the second ang pao thinkin they haven't give you yet.
then you can go to the toilet and check how much they give and then put them in the main zip. what after chinese new year ?
you know how uncovenient and ugly lookin it is to have a bulky wallet because of those heavy big coins ?
now you can chunk them in the front zipper !
your cute little tiny girly hands sure can take those coins out easily too.
you never know when they come handy !
when most of the times it just make your wallet look fat and ugly.
now...with that easily accessible special feature of this bag.
you can enjoy the slimness of your wallet man.

it's a mock Balenciaga bag.
i know it's kind of a chiong bag.
but so what ?
if you wanna use it to go chiong-ing also can wad.
the front zipper you can put like 20 - 30 bux ?
in case you get high / drunk and need a cab home badly and fast.
you wont need to unzip the main zip and find your wallet in the dark behind that cab seat animore.
it's be so troublesome when all you want is your bed at that moment man.

see how convenient it is ?

all these great things for only 35 bucks !
you can bid.
you can just take the 35 bucks right away now, at this moment !
well...if you contact : right now !
first come first serve !

don't be so "kiam siap" - stingy please.
i'm not gettin any ang paos this year.
what's 35 bucks compared to your $$$$ you recieve ?

you guys can buy it for your gf.
you girls can buy it for yourself.
FORCE your bf to buy it for you !

Thursday, January 26, 2006

the magic of photoshop.

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enjoying his own court in my world of design.
i know it ain't that realistic looking.
was just experimenting away.
comment on it anyway please :)

Wednesday, January 25, 2006

just a lil bit...

a glimpse of what we're doin for our marketing project.

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it's not what you're thinking.
wait and see :)


been two years.

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it was fun.

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miss those times.

compared to school today.
those times were heaven.
this is hell.

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i won't be who i am today without this club.
there will be no those outings.
great times will be so much lesser.

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dude !!
when we were crazy bout breakdancing.
and my visit back to singapore during the o's break holiday.

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i dedicated my life to you, my other half.

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Friday, January 20, 2006

here it is...

Mr. Chua says....

this post is specially dedicated to elynn of SIM FTDMS 11/3/a

Thursday, January 19, 2006

been a while.

been havin lots of fun lately wif the guys.

too much fun indeed.
club, 1am soccer and...those great times lah.

back when i was in indo.
home, medan.
there was this incident.

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it's actually not how it looked la.

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it was him wearing a bigass jaguar shirt.
and we were pullin him to the mall with that shirt.
he's pai seh lah.
it was sunday.
lots of chicks.
we managed to get him there anyway.

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when i was in the temple.

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just sittin down staring at him.
gave me the most peaceful moment at that time.
i was incredibly peaceful.
simply peaceful.

"peace maann" the hippie cz said.

and when i was in jakarta.
when my cutie pie.

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love you ! :D

was recording her personal album for me.
we were browsing tru the song titles.
and look what i found !

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great place.
great song.

one shisha night....

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one good time...

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and one fellow who keeps takin pic of himself wif my cam

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and i'm happy, proud to present.....

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Wednesday, January 11, 2006

on the flight to jakarta.

it was 6th december 2005.
it was 0545 pm.
and i embark the plane.
in it...the pilot made an announcement.
that the passengers were to wait for 30 mins as polonia, medan's airport were busy.
the track were busy with planes flying off.
while waiting.
i try to sit in my most comfortable position for some sleep.
i on my ipod to find that it's low on battery.
i kept my bag where my cash in to the side.
i sat alone.
the row i sat in was empty.

i was nervous yet happy.
i just couldn't wait.
till i see her again.

the plane started to move again.
i turned to the left...
and witnessed one of the most beautiful scene i've ever seen.
it was heavenly.
it was as if god were by my side.
wishing me a wonderful trip which i had.
wishing me happiness which i had.

i was in paradise.

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the rays were the first i saw...
i was overwhelemed with happiness.
complete happiness.

i whispered to myself.

"finally, after six long months"
i told myself.

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witnessin the view were tremendously touching.
i don't know why.
but i felt those crystals were forming in my eyes.
i tried to hold dem back.

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i saved those few alone moments quickly.
i saved them in my heart.

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i've lost count on how many times were i on a plane.
but never.
had i witness this view from those many times i flew.

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and i knew.
i was gonna have a great time there with her.

i did.

Monday, January 09, 2006

flood in medan.

well i'm back.
it's been a great 1 month.
the very best.
2 weeks with my dear.
okay, back to the above topic.
it's been raining heavily one afternoon while i was crusing the road with my j.
and this is the result for just a mere half an hour of heavy rain in medan.
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look at the pavement...
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god damn it.
just look.
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and because of the flood.
you got to see the common sight down the road there.
traffic jam.
cars next to cars.
seperated by cm from the side mirror !
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what is the fuckin government doin with all those money ?
and i thought bambang is doin good with wiping out corruption.
guess it won't be that soon till corruption in indonesia dies off.
i was shocked myself.
medan wasn't really that money-ed city anymore.
u gotta wear seat belts now.
or u're fined.
and if u try to bribe the police off.
u get double fine.
at the police station.
and those things are actually happening !!!
and if u drive without lisence and got caught.
u got fined too.
i guess now they corrupt those fined money.
not directly.
what a way.
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medan will always be like this.
with people like me driving.
little patience.
it'll always be fucked up like this.
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free tyre cleaning ?
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this is by far the best cake i've ever seen in my entire life.
hope u had a great day that day my dear.
and i miss you already.