Monday, September 29, 2008

need for speed part 2

i is very tired
but i don't know why
may be i didn't have enough sleep last night
but then again
my sleeping pattern also so damn screwed up already
dunno wad to say
just want to say
jay chou's capricorn de album ar, zhen de hao ting !
wo xi huan


9 pics
and the racing stuff will disappear already d


meself + daniel ong


i went to cover the end
with only one sole need to satisfy
real life
Formula Satu punye Driver



around 5+ that evening
two drivers from Toyota
Jarno Trulli and Timo Glock


Jarno Trulli
which, due to some crash
did not complete the race last night at the Formula Satu

these are them



Jarno Trulli


Timo Glock
finished 4th yesterday
totally didn't expect him to come after Lewis Hamilton man

cannot pan the drivers in Formula Satu car
or shoot them with their big cars
shoot them with their small Go-Kart cars also can lah
better then nothing XD


Timo Glock - panned


Jarno Trulli - panned

me = satisfied

ok last pic


bye bye XD

oh ya
before they left
i spoke like 2 lines with Jarno Trulli
in which i said
"good luck for the night race Jarno !"
"all the best"

in which he replied me

"grazie millie"

eh ?
he had been speaking english all the while during the short interviews etc. previously
then reply me in Italian =.="

he's italian btw


Sunday, September 28, 2008


today is a super damn sangat very lazy day
woke up like at 4pm
tak bluff

was up all night rushing through my projects due today
something that's been quite common for me now
i stay up all night
typing away

for last night case
some 5250 words (damn nice the number of total words lol)
and never got the chance to see it in print
always the rest of my group mates will be there in sch
printing and submitting it


i remembered the very first project i did back in sem 1
that one even more jia lat
type all the way till morning
then straight away go school to print
but the feeling
of seeing those words in print
and submitting it myself,
more like throwing it in the that black box at the koi pond
it feels great

2 down
2 more to go

ok back to where i started
today is like a super lazy day
i guess
yesterday's re-editing and typing typing all made me damn exhausted to do anything at all
but, before i went off to bed yest morning
i went off to rest my eye
and check out the view of the sunrise at level 22 again
at the apartment across

since i is very lazy to edit my need for speed pics
i shall continue with that series tomorrow d
share with u guys
what i thought to be some lousy sunrise but turned out incredibly awesome
the sunrise of the 27th


clouds damn fantastic


finally can get this kinda shot
after like trying to shoot them with the maximum zoom of my G9 but with lousy results
thanks Andrew for the 70-200 !
return to u soon XD

and lastly,
what's level 22 without my 10mm ?


simply love the clouds formation man
i think one of the best i've shot so far
there was a better one though
so i think this one second best

be prepared,
i bet
more of these sunrises will be coming up in the month ahead
exams are near
exams = late night sleep
late night sleep = all the way up till sunrise


Friday, September 26, 2008

need for speed part 1

on the very same day i received the one of the worst upsetting news so far when i'm in singapore, this homesick, stefen, come say, i've got a good news for you
damn big news
so i thought...simi ?

he said

what say you if we go cover some F1 pre-event race ?
some fella give me the job

of coz, i was a bit in disbelief
i even kept asking him like sure or not
confirm or not
dun later say say liao cancel last min

he wasn't kidding

the fella that was kidding was the organizer

wah lan
say till so big
wad F1 race pre-event ( which i saw his sms )
it was more like
a F1 race "kinda" pre-event lah

but nevermind lah
got to meet people
and shoot for the day
so not so bad

so sharing with u....
"need for speed" Go-Kart Race 2008 by EMC2 (one of the F1 Toyota Sponsors)


got to meet Daniel Ong of 98.7 fm
greet emcee by the way

it was
don't believe ?







i so shiok
that suddenly i heard Daniel said
something like that
then i realized that i was that close to the racer and track =O
problem with 10mm is...u never really know how close u really are to the subject
just shoot kao kao !!

and this also


where the flag end up hitting my head
and then she went
"ouch..soweeee soweeeeeee, neber see euuuu"
and walk a few steps away from me...

ok tomorro continue

Thursday, September 25, 2008

jbp birds in flight 02

ok, final part of the birds in flight series
all manual focus XD




3 fotos d
share 1 more
1 mandarin duck foto


yesterday was completely damn tiring
carrying some 3kg+ worth of equipments behind my back for more than half a day
my body still aches now
but the shot was worth it d
more tomorrow XD


Wednesday, September 24, 2008

jbp birds in flight 01

ok..firstly wanna share this wif u guys

the video arifin and erna made during our toba trip the other time
pretty much sumed up where we go and what we did
a couple of behind the scenes too
man...the vid make me miss home
and my trips !
kinda makes me wonder where i'll be heading next
sibolga, aceh, danau toba
the three places i've visited since taking up photography
really wanna makes this like a routine everytime i go back !
end of year...
where ?

oh yeah !
another vid
of arifin and myself go karting
me is in yellow !

jurong bird park
birds flying
all shot using manual focus
70-200 vr f/2.8 focus is so damn slow
i missed so many shots i got pissed and used manual focus instead






i think my photography reflexes is improving XD

Tuesday, September 23, 2008

from the heart to you


ur hands in mine, and mine in urs
side by side i'm forever urs
for always
and endlessly

forgive me for all the lonely times u've had
distance had kept us apart
however u must know
you're forever in my heart

please be strong
please be strong
wait for my return

20 months of us together
is coming right the next time i see you
may our love last forever
trust me when i say this to you
i miss you
i need you
and i love you


the busy days of rushing through last minute projects works are here again
i've got like 2 projects submissions this week
1 mid of next week
another one early the following week
if you're in my shoe and still haven't feel the pressure yet
then i guess u're like no feeling no emotion type of guy lor really
nights after nights here i am typing away
mouse clicking here and there
the joy of having both mac and pc are simply awesome however
especially this 24"
i can like open 3 word documents in a page
refer to them
and type away in my pc
when they say mac really does speed up ur work
they are not lying

after the projects
will be the exams already
really have to start my long overdue revision right away after all the projects are gone
really really hectic
it's only the 23rd september
and i'll only gain my freedom back by the 10th of november
a mere 7 weeks away....
49 days
and darling, after that is :)
i'll be seeing you again in less than 60 days
2 months to be exact
i will be back
in your arms again
and then
we'll belong together again
just like the way it should be

i miss her tremendously
birds in flight will be up tomorrow XD
if u wanna see how i shot birds in flight using manual focus !
then come back tomorrow ! XD


anyway just wanna share this with u guys,
at approximately 1 plus pm just now
f called
"go look at the sun now !!!!!!!!!"
and i was like...
and all i see was
plain white skies with no whatever indication of where the sun is
i know it should be right above me
but the white clouds were so thick
looking directly above didn't even hurt the eye

but what happened back in Medan (my lovely hometown) was something kind of incredible

after that
i received sms-es from mum, dad and a few other friends back in indo who knew i'm into photography

this is what they saw
back there
for around an hour
the sky
was like this


that's not lens flare
that is RAINBOW
i bluff u not
the phenomena as i'd like to called it
happened across medan
even Peter Chandra, the photographer who had shot that photo there,
founder of tobaphotographer club at
and owner of
who was quite out of Medan town
witnessed the phenomena
from my conversations just now with Peter himself,
he had said that it rained damn heavily late last night
and the sun was tremendously hot this afternoon
the phenomena happened at around 11.45 all the way to 12.45 local time (1 hour behind singapore and malaysia time)

anyway, just wanna share this to you guys :)
the creations of god
a full circle rainbow circling the sun
for one full hour
i'm imagining hundreds, if not thousands of Medanese walking out of their homes to look at the sky
and of course
all the photographers busy shooting awaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay
to witness the beauty of His creations

something i've always believe in after taking up photography,

everything is beautiful
everything can be beautiful
it's just a matter of how you look at it


Monday, September 22, 2008

a boy + a bird


i quite like this picture
shot back before my toba trip
but really don't know how to post-process it to express the way i felt about this picture
any comments ?


jurong bird park - birds in flight to be continued tomorrow !
again, that shot was shot in manual focus :)

Sunday, September 21, 2008

the Exhibition

there's currently this photo exhibition thing in SIM,
well and got da chance to exhibit my photos again, for the second time now :)
nevertheless, was kinda busy before the event
so didn't really have much time to choose my pics properly
end up just chose what came to my mind there and then
after finish printing then was like....OMG my never print that one !

here are two pics of myself and my photos :)
thanks to sk and stefen for snapping !



direction by them
i only model there onli one

Saturday, September 20, 2008

penguin part 2

hello people !
how's your Friday ?
spent most of my day in the school lab rushing my project again
and kana broken hearted when i saw the sunset just now
so pwetty la
:( :( :(

the projects and its preparation for its completion as fast as possible is keeping my mind off the :( issue
so yeah,
dri do indeed know me
can't get angry at ppl for long
lol !
i don't remember things that make me sad very well
i treasure happy times
and let go of those times that makes me down
over the years,
i've learnt to let go these things slowly
no use dwelling in things that makes u sad, life has much better things to offer :)


part 2 of the penguin shots

a few moments after the last shot


what's this ? =x


seems very wrong !





ok finish
hope you like them :)

Friday, September 19, 2008

penguin part 1

before i start the penguin posts,
let me first express
my sincerest gratitude

thanks to you
who had called
thank to you
who had smsed
thanks to you
who had mailed me
thanks to you
who had msg me at msn

thank you,
for believing
thank you,
for supporting
and most of all
thank you,
for your concern

it seems like it was just a few days ago,
16th July, Wednesday, 7 pm
Ellen, the photography club's secretary and myself walked in that room
RM 4.23
attending my very first Arts Festivals meeting together with the rest of the clubs
they had all previously been updated about what the arts festivals is about
i, however, knew nothing
i've read no mail
i've read nothing
with zero knowledge about what this is about
i walked in
something told me it's gonna be big and no matter what, i, was then, the upcoming president, have to grab this chance regardless of what

09:00 am
the first photography club orientation begins
it was too, the official time i became president of the club
and the following one month later, became the month of preparations, negotiations and discussions all for the arts festivals
my very first event

my pioneer members, those who had joined during the orientation and the post-orientation times
i really thank you guys :)
for the support u guys give regarding this matter
i'm pretty much alright by now
but at times here and then
still do feel a bit : / over it
the feeling like, "wtf ?"
but i knew what i should do to cheer myself up

from time to time, since last night actually
since the first email i receive
i've found myself to get back to your mails
they cheer me up
so, thank you guys !

and just another clarification,
i am not stepping down
i am just under temporary suspension
once the matter is settled
i will be back ! :)

once again, from the bottom of my heart, thank you
am, very touched.


OK !
been some time since i post my work
my new works

i've had the chance to bring home the D700 of Nikon and the NIKKOR 70-200mm f/2.8 VR
but never really had a chance to go try it
so, one sunday afternoon, after all these proper shooting withdrawals that i've been resisting during these busy months
i reward myself, grabbing the camera and off i go to where ?
jurong bird park !

*the white part kana erased of before i saved it and was too lazy to re-edit it again XD
kinda nice actually also right =P

why go there ?
the nearest place to go shoot properly is actually the chinese garden
but was quite an overcast day
so landscape is a clearly boring one
then 70-200 also cannot macro
so just go jbp lor
quite some time already also nv go there
+ i miss shooting birds at flight !

but the moment i reached
i gave the penguin place a visit first
it was dark
everytime i go using my 400d
sure quite hard to shoot a decent picture without waiting the penguin to walk slowly to the brighter part of the place
the exact great place to test out the ISO sensitivity
all the pictures below,
are shot with ISO 1600 and above
some even gone through ISO 5000






- to be continued

Thursday, September 18, 2008

shit happens

the shitest shit happened to me today,
some legal issues shit
am really really really very upset over what happened

really broke my heart

firstly, i would like to thank Canon Singapore, Nikon Singapore and SIM for all their support that they had given me over the last event, the SIM Arts Festival. This is by far, the biggest event I've ever organized, and I seek ur understanding that there might have been some issues that i've had failed to oversee and one of which had caused all of us some inconveniences.

myself, had been reported to the Singapore Police under the statement that I had threatened one of the student there that i'm gonna be beating him up outside of school.

what he had failed to report to the police was the incidents that happened prior to what i said.
and i quote myself that this is what i said :

"lucky that this did not happen outside school lor"

he replied "What will happen if this were to happen outside school ?"

with no whatsoever harmful or any anger tone I replied "don't know leh, may be you'd be lying on the floor already by now, bleeding may be, whatever it is, it won't be pretty lah"
"don't see me small small leh"

if the fella had taken what i said as if i was really were to go and beat him up outside of school despite my tone and what i really said and meant, then this fella must have failed his english damn jia lat-ly
if i were to really threaten the fella that i'm really gonna go beat him up outside of school wouldn't it be just easy to say something like this :

"you better wait for me outside school" or even may be "we settle outside school lor like that"

just to clarify, the fella offended me, threatened my club and again threatened me for the third time (which he never even state in his police report) before i said that
i show him a paper which i need to use for my documentation, and he nv say a word and tore it in front of me
u not offended meh kana do like that ?
people kana offend already angry one
i never, i keep my cool
i some more apologize to him
he threaten my club some more
i even apologize some more that this shit had to happen
he then threatened me some more
again i apologize again
wtf ?

never in my life had i been treated this way, and again i apologize to the fella
it's already like a freaking disgrace to myself
friends who have had known me for some time would immediately know what i would have done lor
but no, i kept my cool
i've never freaking apologize so many damn times in my life before man, mind you, i will only say sorry when i mean it, else, i won't even say that word one lor.

shit happens

i mailed to all my members
that i temporarily suspend myself from my position as the president of sim photography club
coz don't want because of me
later the club name go down with me or wad

and a few mins later
i receive this mail from one of my members:

hi Herbert,
i am - here. The one who pestered you to teach me how to use the F functions on the focus part and the background blur part at the rock climbing.
I feel upset for you however I feel that you are a very good president so far.

I can see the effort that you put in for the club. It is hard to come by such a good president.
Keep the good job!!!!

Hoping that everything will be fine before the outing which i will definitely attend!.
Looking forward to more of you coaching us your photography skills and events.

I always believe the sun will shine again after rain.


-, thank you so much for all these words
thank you seriously
at least now i know there's still one member (except from the EXCOs) who believe in me.
and wait, u got pester me meh ?
can't remember ur pestering part... =x

shit happens
really upset
really really upset

i have like 4 projects to be done very soon
1 of which by tonight
1 major shoot job to do next wed

and so much stuff have to gone wrong this day
even my project group members have to fight again just now just right after i know all the police report shit wrong can a day be

you know
no matter how hard you try
things will still go wrong
this incident
really feels like
god, has brought me up
up up up up
even gave me wings to fly
and just when i almost reach nirvana
he suddenly decided that i have a lot of sins he had failed to oversee
and throw me to hell instead

the last thing i expected was the friends who i felt closest with, have to freaking do this right on this day.
i know the project deadlines are close.
and we're no where reaching completion.
but after 2 semesters, have i ever lied when i said, we will finish on time ?
u all stress
u think i not stress ?
this shit happened i not stress ?
everytime take the shit u guys throw at me i not stress ?
a do something c not happy, c have to report to me first
ask me handle a myself no matter what the matter is regarding on
1 over years
i kept quiet.
this time round
ask u all understand me
u all do this to me

i seriously don't know how long can i tahan
seriously don't know when all this patience test will be over
this had proved to be the toughest semester to go through without her by my side again
not because of the courses this time

nevertheless, i wanna thank those friends, who really was there. and those of you who believed in me. thank you.

i hereby, apologize to Canon Singapore, Nikon Singapore and SIM Student Care over the inconveniences from what had happened on the 16th of September.

Monday, September 15, 2008

it's been soooo long !

i know it's been soooo long !
but i've been extremely busy right now !

my school has got an event
the open house and the arts festival
and sim photography club is very much part of it
gotta organize this and that
design this and that
make sure this and that is completed
so am still really busy
the event will ends on the 16th night


just an update though,
i went to Nikon the other time
and managed to grab their D700 + their 70-200 f/2.8 VR
brought it over to jurong bird park just now for the speed test
man, shall i say i am disappointed
more soon !

i caught a malaysian femez "celebrity" too when i had the D700 the other day
regular updates will resume by the 17th !
promise !
although by the look at my schedules
i'll be completely busy till my next holiday comes which will be by November :(

after arts festivals
i'll have to rush through my projects
after that i'll have to begin my revision for my exams !

such a busy and tiring semester

gotta go sleep now

have a great day people
and thanks for still coming back :)

Wednesday, September 03, 2008

it's not the camera, but the photog

suddenly feel the urge of editing photos
i went through the pics i've not seen / touch / edited and found this folder
my small digital compact cam
a 4MP cam
during my last few days back in medan
i tried to bring the cam to the few places that i go whenever possible
so here's one of the series

it's not the camera,
it's the person behind it

i hope i justify the tittle with my pictures XD



2 of myself first


the piano outside my room in medan


the small fish aquarium which i don't think anyone even bothered to feed in my house


one very blue sky day


one very sanget the random photo


my companions in my car :D


and a solo shot of one of them

ok finis