Thursday, October 25, 2007

from the room

i'm still confused on which lens to get

while the 17-55mm is definitely out
it leaves me with two options

17-40mm L

the 17-55mm is out because of its quality
compared with the 17-40,
the 17-40 actually provides high image quality
probably because its an L lens
but anyway,
it's sharper in some way too

so now the 17-40 and 10-22

the 10-22 for me is much more of a "fun" lens
where u know,
u can shoot people like...funny funny those
like the 100% pervertism we did the other time with arifin's lens
but i wanna use this lens to shoot portrait too man
which means
i'd want a more general purpose lens
10-22 will be too wide for this
and at 22mm, it'll only give me a maximum aperture of f/4.5
and comparing the f/4.5 to the f/4 throughout with the 17-40mm
i think the 17-40 is a wiser choice
but then the 7mm wider difference is a big temptation too man

abathingfish and rames both said 10-22
but why man ?
why do you think i should get the 10-22 and not the 17-40 ?
both these lenses have almost the same minimum focus distance
but one is f/4 throughout and is an L lens
and the other one is winner in the 7mm difference

from the reviews i've read
my heart is still at the 17-40mm thou
1 main reason is because
i know i won't stick with 400D all my life
i want an upgrade
and when i upgrade,
i'll definitely get a full frame dslr already
which is like the 5D or the 1d mark II
and the 7D that is replacing the 5D

and if i upgrade,
then the 10-22 no use already also ma

enough ramblings
2 pics to share for today :)
taken from my room

Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket


Photo Sharing and Video Hosting at Photobucket

taken on a one hell of a windy morning
and was just playing with the colours XD

i really should be going back to the notes
but somehow
the motivation level is kinda low right now
damn it

i'm so unprepared for the exams man

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