Tuesday, September 27, 2005


nothin much changes here

all the way, i thought my life will be much better when i'm finally home.
i looked forward to dad agreein me goin to jakarta
i look forward for love
from my parents

i get none.

i still sit all by myself in the dark
i'm still all alone
i'm further and further away from my own blood and flesh
i'm in the verge of breaking down
i'm at the edge of my relationship

there's no more light in my life....
i'm not me anymore

Sunday, September 11, 2005

3rd month

we'll be officially together for 3 months
still lovin her so much :)
still need her so much :)
4 hours away...
man...must stay awake !
freakin tired.i was basically driving for about 10 hours today, manual.k, not straight la.
abt 2 hours from home to beach.medan is no singapore :) nearest beach frm my place is 2 hours drive away + traffic jam + speeding whenever possible. 140km/h :D
about4 hours from beach to brastagi.and bout 2 hours from brastagi to medan with another 2 hours of traffic jam.
my leg aches.i'm sleepy.
i slept 1 hour++ nia last nite.

Wednesday, September 07, 2005

medan alast

never been better
only one thing unsure is
me flyin to jakarta
i miss her

Monday, September 05, 2005


it was mel's bdae
the plan was to meet up at 1 at siglap for lunch.
i woke up late :(
coz i was up till 6 packing my disastrous room which is now clean and neat :)
that was not an excuse thou
woke up den rush rush bathe all those
i noticed the dark clouds coming before bathing, windy and all.
i was hoping it'll rain when i reach siglap la.but aiyah...the moment i finish bathing.the rain just pour like nobody's business
heck, i was thinkin i'd just run to my house the bus stop dere den mrt to eunous and bus there.wouldn't get me that wet overall or at least, i'll be dry when i reach
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
but...this was what happen
i just can't believe i'm so dumb.
i was left with no more than 5 bux in my wallet.and a grand total of 6.58 bux in my bank account.
i went out of the house...i was hoping i could save the transport fee by walkin to dover mrt station.but it was impossible, the rain was crazy.so...i ran to the bus stop.all the way from my house.everybody's prepared with an umbrella.blardy hell, see me so wet also some cannot share.i mean, they could have just stop me and ask me where i'm running to since we're all heading for the bus stop.i saw them coming DRY when i'm already half drenched.
the next fucked up thing was...i found out that my ezlink was left with only 2 bux + so that wouldn't be able to bring me to and back.decided to spend the 6 bux i've got left on toppin up the ezlink la.
but fuck, the machine onli wanna eat 10 bux.so...i just heck, like...see later how lah that kind of thing.
i got down at eunos mrt station.the rain got even fuckin heavier.no mercy at all lah.i ran all my way to the bus stop.almost totally drench.i waited like for 15mins before i went to see the bus stop sign ? or wadeva la..the post there where they show the no of bus that go tru that place.i didn't see the board ! and guess wad.I DIDN'T SEE NO 155 OR 13 THERE !
blardy hell
i think the no is at the other side of the post thingy la...i was like waddafuck i wasted 15 mins++ waitin for nothing..without thinkin twice, i decided to run...yes...the rain was still fucking heavy...to tks sch bus stop dere the 7-e coz got 155 dere.
after fucking waiting for 30 mins or so there totally drenched by now...i go see the board..and fuck lor
i just found out dey dun go to siglap !
and i was alreadi 2 !!!
didn't know what to do.my ezlink was like wif like 40 cents...and i can't spent that 5 bux.
but thank god the rain started to go much much lighter.i decided to walk to the sch's bus stop, the old bus stop where we take 15 for parkway coz that's the only bus i know got 155 that goes to siglap.
so...that was why i was so fuck damn late.
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i was freezing hell in the bus la...frezzin like shit
i got with to my socks !
den finally reach just to find out hui fen wasn't even dere yet !
na beh...i thought i was the latest liao : /
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
had sambal dorry or howeva u spell that fish lah
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
us wif da bdae gal :) hope u had ur day mel
after the lunch we headed down to parkway for pool and by like around 5++ cz and i parted wif mel and hf for soccer.time flies la, den dion called before soccer for a date.LOL no..askin me if i wanna chill or wad la and i was like thinkin, well alrite la..haven't been chillin wif him for sometime alreadi also
and after dinner he picked me up wif his cat jaguar wif eleta.headed down to the condo right beside parkway.his parents bought a retirement condo dere la.it was still damn new thou, no electricity and all...and so only lighted by
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
we took pics
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the view was marvelous la..magnificient
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
d sang and we chatted
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
....i just pose la.lol. i can't play guitar for nuts
den we snap here snap dere again and dion taught me something bout camera...some trick
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
the suppose to be result...onli halfwae dere nia
Image hosted by Photobucket.com
and i played wif da candles...lol..burned my finga : /
it was about 1 when dion called cassandra and we went to pick her up.went to simpang and had prata.chatted dere for a while den dion showed us his camp and we headed to this rail road..the train track somewhere near my place.it was damn cool lah.talk talk awhile dere den dion sent me home
totally exhausted
i continue packin my stuff....den bloggin now for some rest
and i've got to rush now !
hope i won't have to come back for supplimentary paper lah
i seriously need a break from school
but why am i not excited at all ?
ps. thanks a lot guys.really.couldn't have survived without u ppl.

Sunday, September 04, 2005

in the dark

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i live in a dark dark world.
in this darkness
i experience lonliness
in this darkness
my life's in a mess
in this darkness
i feel nothingness
i feel death
empty this life feels

beautiful vs bad

life is

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

whatever happen to........
these beautiful times ?

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Image hosted by Photobucket.com

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

it's just a motherfucking cycle.

Saturday, September 03, 2005

the song

Here's a song for you
I've waited to sing so long
You are the one, my only love, forever more
Darlin' take my hand
And take me to Shangri-la
Where there's no hate,
where there's no pain,
Where there's no sorrow
It's not the first time
That I've fallen in love with you
Because your smile reminds me
Of the long lost melodies and memories
So just keep in your heart
If you wish and try hard
Any dream will come true
That's why we're here together
I was born to be yours
You were born to be mine
And we live in the world
Where there's no good-bye for good

Open up your eyes
We're reaching Shangri-la
Where there's no war,
Where there's no death,
Where there's no darkness
It's not the first time
That you've come back from the past
Because your soul remains
Till the end of my time
I'll be forever yours

even the birds

even the birds can have their good time...

Image hosted by Photobucket.com

where is mine ?

wadeva fuck happen to me

loneliness, the feelin that noone really care and understand you.like u've been fucking throw from society.from the world.herbert was cheerful, he always looks at the positive side of every single shit.even in time of trouble, he believes there's a solution to every problem.he died.

Friday, September 02, 2005

last paper

it's sad to say, i hate my life now.
but thank god i have her.the reason i'm still here today.fighting on.yes i thank you god.

Thursday, September 01, 2005

principles of management

okay...i'm lazy to write already.wanna save the power for tml mun.
so...here, i type, the classified principles of management

i expect a god damn long entry


itunes is playing - wuding, jay chou feat landy wen



Management, can be defined as the process of getting things done, effectively and efficiently, through and with other people. Effectively here means doing the RIGTH things, ensuring that goals are achieved which is definitely more important than doing things right, the efficiency, achieving maximum results with minimum resources. This is so because in my opinion if you do the right thing but you do it wrongly the ending result will be like using minimum resources to get a minimum results too for you did not achieve the objective of whatever you're doing. However, a great manager will need to be able to get things done both effectively and efficiently by the use of the management theories which will be discuss later on.

What do managers do then ?
Mintzberg's management roles grouped managers roles under 3 catagories.

Firstly, the interpersonal roles. Where managers are able to relate with people inside and outside of the organisation. The roles include :
a Figurehead, a symbolic head in social and legal situations.
a Leaders who hires,trains and motivates the employee of the organisation
a Liasion, who contacts and maintains network with external sources.

Then, the informational roles. Where managers recieve and collect information from outside sources, they act as :
a Monitor, who checks and analyses information from news reports or contacts regularly and relate them to the business
a Disseminator, who holds meetings and makes phone calls to relay information within the organisation.
a Spokeperson, who gives information to media via press conferences and board meetings

Lastly, the Decisional roles. Where managers make decision. They are :
the Entrepreneur, managers who seek opportunities, initiates and oversees new projects.
the Disturbance handler, who handles crisis by setting new directions and coming up with new corrective actions.
the Resource allocator, managers who allocate all kinds of resoursces, be it the human, physical or monetary resource by scheduling, authorising, programming and budgeting.
the Negotiator, who discusses and bargains with other groups to gain advantages for the organisation.


man this sux
this looks more like a report.
u can stop readin here man


To be an effective and efficient manager, they have to possess the skill of conceptual competencies, human competencies, technical competencies and political competencies.

The revolutionary waves that has bring us to the information age due to cultural diversity, globalisation, technological advancement, social demands ( social expectation ) and the growing entrepreneurial spirit has challenges managers to adapt and be more understandable to differences.

They have to be able to empower and coach their employee both because of the employee themselves and the increasing social demands. This is so because, the employees today are mostly highly skilled and experienced. They have to be given a sense of belonging to the company itself. Empowering is the answer. Great management is about helping others to succeed and achieve great results by helping them develop knowledge and skills and encourage initiative, motivation, creativity , risktaking, and pride of personal job ownership. Customers today wants efficiency, they want things fast and right. Thus, employee have to be able to make decision themselves, not relying to their supervisor as much.


aww man...i cannot take it anymore, my head gonna burst !
itunes playing - jian dan ai, chou jie lun


Planning, the very first step to organising, directing and controlling of employees. It's defined as organisational goals, establishing an overall strategy and developing step-by-step plans to coordinate the activities involved in reaching them. By doing so, you provides direction, reduces the impact of change, minimizes waste and redundancy and also set the standard to faciliate control. However, effective planning have to be flexible to face the dynamic change of it's environment, both externally and internally. For planning can create rigidity, replace intuition and creativity of employees, focuses manager's attention on today's competition and not the future's and also it reinforces success, which may be a unrealistic.

Planning compromises of :

Strategic planning that goes hand in hand with Tactical planning. Strategic planning, a long term, directional and a standing plan, usually for 5 or more years, they apply to the entire organisation, establishing the overall objectives and position the oraganisation in terms of its environment. Everyday problems will be faced by Tactical planning which is more limited in scope and specify details of how the objectives should be achieved, a short term, specific and usually single use plan.


i'm only half done dude, can u take it ?


MBO, management by objective. A highly recommended type of management in the today's world. It's a system in which specific performance objectives are jointly set by employees and their managers who periodically review their progress toward the set objectives and reward them accordingly. They works by converting overall objectives into specific objectives that cascade down to various organisational units and individual members. The process also works from bottom up as lower elvel managers also jointly set goals with employees. Thus, objectives are all linked throughout the organisation, allowing each employee to make specific and identifiable contribution.

Well, every goals will have to be specific and clear to the employees working for them, or else, how would they know what exactly to do ? Thus, MBO's objectives has to be specific, concise and tangile. It also has to come from the employees themselves, participating in decision - making within a certain given time and a performance feedback for continous appraisal. On the other hand of the greatness of MBO, they may be too quantity focused, not quality. Individual achievement seems to be promoted here rather than team effort. This cannot happen, or it'll seems like each and every different employees are fighting among themselves, even from the same department. It'll be disastrous. The objectives may also be viewed as ceilings and after they are achieved, employees may simply 'lepak', hence hampering their potential and continous improvement. Unrealisted, overly demanding goals may pressure and stress the employees. However, there's always a solution to every problem. This can be solved by, setting multiple goals and continue with ongoing goal setting so employees will not lepak once one goal is achieved. The top gun has to ensure that both quantity and quality has to be pursued and regularly review and update both objectives and result so the employee knows where they stand at that given time. Lastly, reward those who dare to set more ambitious goals even though they may not be fully achieved. Nobody wants to work for nothing. Nothing is free today :)

As a conclusion, MBO emphasises the interpersonal skills of discussion, goal setting and reviewing.


i really don't think anyone will continue reading, i'm doing this for the pleasure of myself :)
itunes' dead
basket, nothing is coming in my brain anymore...

8 steps in goal setting for MBO
- identify an employee's key tasks
- establish specific and challenging goals for each key task
- specify the deadlines for each goal
- allow the employee to actively participate
- prioritise goals
- rate goals for difficulty and importance
- build in feedback mechanisms to assess goal progress
- link rewards to goal attainment

Lastly in planning is the SWOT 'anal'ysis. It's an analysis of the Strenght, Weakness, Opportunities and Threats of the organistaion by matching the firm's internal resources and those that avail in the marketplace, it would be in a better position to establish strategic niches that the company can exploit and hence make plans to achieve them. An organisation may reassess its mission and objectives after completing a SWOT 'anal'ysis.


man fucgh


Decision making process is done by :
- idenfication of problem
- idenfication of decision criteria
- allocation of weights to criteria
- development of alternatives
- analysis of alternatives
- selection of an alternative
- implementation of the alternative
- evalutaion of decision effectiveness


10 mins break


i'm so dead


Well, managers have to make decision that are satisfactory and sufficient. Usually, how they do it is influenced by their self-interest, the organisation's culture, internal politics and his / her power of consideration. However, sometimes in the nick of time, managers made errors in decision making. A few of their common errors for judgemental shortcuts are using only information that is readily available, predict future based on past records of similar or familiar situations and they 'stay on course' despite the negative feedback to avoid admitting immediate defeat.

Individuals differ in their personal decision-making styles depending on how they think and their level of tolerance for ambiguity and uncertainty. Thus, management has come out with 4 different styles of making decisions. The said so are :
1. Directive - rational / low tolerance for ambiguity. They are logical, dislike ambiguity, efficient and tend to make fast decisions for the short run.
2. Analytical - rational / high tolerance for ambiguity. They comfront ambiguity by getting complete information, considering many alternatives.
3. Conceptual - intuitive / high tolerance for ambiguity. They look at 'big picture' and look for many alternative, prefer creative solutions for the long run.
4. Behavioural - intuitive / low tolerance for ambiguity. They work well with others, open to suggestions and people oriented.

Decisions make in groups are more complete in information, knowledge and have a diverse views and ideas. The result will be of better quality decisions. More brains work better than one. There will be an increased in commitment since more people will heat up the subject and there will be less resistance in implementation because the team has all agreed on the chosen alternative. On the other hand, however, decisions make in groups will be time-consuming, hence less efficient. It's also of a minority dominance because only a selected few can participate in them. There will be pressure to conform and it's groupthink. Responsibility is also ambiguous. To overcome them, brainstrom for ideas to encourage many different alternatives. Use nominal groups instead, to have the presense of all members, each to come up with problems and solutions independently and for efficiently, we can use technological help by having electronic meetings and video conferencing to save time for travel and enable member to work in their comfort zone ( their home ).


pheww...i really hope i can chunk all those in man
k...i think it's long enuff...
another half more