Friday, January 11, 2008


4 cek is a man of his words
he has always been for as long as i've known him
and this is what happen the next day after the sunset
i think wanna write a bit narrative style


i heard the alarm ringing off my phone and immediately turn it off
it was a cold cozy morning and all i wanted to do was hide in the warmth of the hotel blanket
however, the heart told me otherwise
after the dramatic sunset last night, there's nothing more that i wanna do than to catch another one better than that
i took a peek at the time and my handphone shows 05:03 a.m.
"ahh..still damn early" i heard myself whisper in my heart
i re-set my alarm to 05:30 and tried to get back to sleep
again however, my heart tries to wrestle against this tired body
"there's no harm in waiting, better be there early than late!"
by then, half awake
i heard 4 cek rising up as if he had a nightmare
he rushed off the bed and immediately and took a peek off the window
i heard him yawn together with his foot steps to the toilet
soon, he shook my leg and woke me up

i woke up and just like 4 cek did, took a peek at the window
"god damn it"
i cursed in the heart

despite what i saw
i still packed my gears up and by less than 5 mins
i was all ready to head downstairs to the pier
4 cek followed me behind

it was terribly cold that morning
and what adds on the misery was the sight
the sight of the clouds
dull and flat

"damn it, we won't see any sunrise today"
"how u know ?"
"just look at the clouds, i know"
"never mind, let's just what till it's past 6"
"seriously man, with this kind of clouds, i'm dead sure we won't be seeing no sunrise !"

he walked off
4 cek is one hell of a stubborn person as well
he will go all out to things he feels is right
and yes
what he feels is right are mostly positive
and that's what i really like about his attitude

i went to the pier
made a fake smile to 4 cek
set up my tripod
and began firing with the release cable


i was astonished of what i had in the small lcd
seriously i didn't know what i imagined in mind would also turn out in the lcd under these conditions
the pic above, later turns out to be one of my fav pic of the entire trip !


i took a look around the area and saw another photographer flashing away behind
"what the hell was this dood doing man..flashing away with a build-in flash off his nikon cam"
he owns a tripod but he didn't use it
man was i curious
i went nearer over to his place and grab another shot


slowly i approached him and we chatted a bit
from our conversations and the few preview pics he showed me
i made the conclusion that this dood is more amateur than i am


soon, i left that dood and we had breakfast
i followed 4 cek to work for the rest of the day
and it was just nice he finishes off just in time before another sunset
he then brought me to another beach further away from the hotel


not very clean i know


i saw the clouds and agian
i already had this feeling that there's also be no sunset today


not everyday is sunday i told myself
oh yeah
that day was also the hari raya qurban day
u know the day the muslims sacrifices goats and bull

we went to another beach to get another viewpoint of the sunset
4 cek is still eager
he was rather pissed that there was no sunrise that day
and was really determined to witness the sunset that very day itself


we waited close to 2 hours and soon it was already pass the sunset time
i made a little joke before firing my last shot and took our leave

" public holiday mah.."
"yesterday the sun so golden so fiery already..of coz today also want enjoy the holiday lah !"


where to next ?
some place even more awesome !

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