Monday, January 28, 2008

first, db

yesterday was one tiring day man
nevertheless, i gotta admit it was fun
anyway, not really in the mood to do much editing
so will just share a few pix from yesterday

i had my very first ever
a so called informal, unofficial pre-wedding shoot
my friend is getting married
and she had asked me to shoot on her wedding day
sadly, it falls right in the middle of my next holiday
thus, i can't be there
so i simply suggested to them
what if i just shoot ur pre-wed in exchange ?
well, of course they are gonna have their pre-wed shoot again with a much more professional photographer
frankly, i told her that this will be my first
they gave me a chance nevertheless
and i truly appreciate it

so how did i do ?
well, i haven't really browse through all the pix cause i shot in raw
and the acdsee i'm using doesn't allow me to view raw files right away
i'm using adobe lightroom to view them
and this virus-infected laptop ( i suspect, cause it's performing damn slow already ) doesn't give me the speed to hold my patience down to view them one by one
so what i do is just click one pic
transfer to photoshop cs3 for final processing again
and so i've only seen those that i've editted
and so far only 4 pics
coz am rather busy these few days

anyway, share 3 pics


yeah, i'm sharing the later shots
the ones at night

and, just wanna ask
is this one better


or this one ?


which one to give them ?
personally i prefer the first one

well, more of them tomorrow

ps: a really huge thank you to for helping me with my flyer design last night
owe u a meal man bro, thanks a lot !

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