Thursday, January 17, 2008

4 macros

lately, been busying myself with organizing my pictures
thou it's not like they're not organized
they are actually are currently
but i just wanna re-sync them to lightroom
so finding my pics in the future will be easier
like u know
putting keywords and metadata-ing all my works :)

the 29th of december last year
i went to the warehouse for my last macro of 2007 again
went there basically because jansen, a friend from citra photography school
wanted to buy a macro lens
so was asking me about it
i recommended my lens
the 100mm f/2.8
and so i just told him why not we go for a shoot for a day
lend u that lens for that day
and so off we went


see the butterfly pic in my previous entry
there's an ant there right
that ant actually tried to bite the butterfly man !
after this shot
it flew away ~




and this is my very first time framing a blue ladybug
jansen spotted it
after he had his shots
we exchanged memory cards
coz my lens was attached to his 400d also
and grab my shots !

aight !
let me think of what to post tomorrow :D

fireworks ?
street ?
birds ?


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