Friday, July 06, 2007

wax drop, the how.

i posted my wax splash in an indonesian forum and asked 5 ppl to raise their hands if they want me to write a tutorial about it.
5 ppl raised their hands.

and as promised.

here's a short tutorial on how :)

i started shooting wax instead of water one hot dark night when i was in indonesia.
it was during a blackout and i was trying to figure out what to do.
i lighted 5 candles in different positions in my room walking around thinking.
after a while of sitting in the darkness and staring into empty spaces.

i went to look at my candle,
thinking that may be i can shoot candle again like i did the other time,
hoping to find a new way of shooting candle.
since i think my previous try didn't really impress much people : /

take another look.
cause it impressed me =P

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anyway, to my horror,
the candles started dripping melted wax everywhere !
3 melted on my tv !

quickly i clean it up and the idea came.

"eh, what will wax drops look like ?"

so i did it in total darkenss with only 1 torch light.
i didn't light the other candles to save them for the drop.

here is the re-invented try on it.

what you will need :

1. camera obviously.
2. an external flash ( optional but would be great if u have it )
3. candles and lots of them, unless u're really good + a lighter.
4. cable release.
5. lots of paper ( advisable ).

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the setting is super simple,

place the paper ( i use white ) as the base so when the candles drop, it won't drop on whatever u're shooting on.
place lots of them, cause if u use only 1 sheet, the wax will actually make that paper stick to ur table so cleaning up won't be a pain in the ass.

u don't need any external light for this actually, but if you own superb lighting sets, then go ahead and set it up however you wish.

i don't have any lights yet.
so i just use only my study light.

now the technical part,

set your aperture from around f11 on wards.
i used f18.
place ur flashgun so when it flashes it'd hit the wax directly,
i brighten my flash up to +3 stops to get the maximum power of it.

speed is max for flash,

if u use external lights,
u have to go higher than 1/500.

to get the blue cast like mine,
simply change the white balance to tungsten or fluorescent.

attach your cable release to your camera.

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when shooting splashes,
always put on your lens hood to protect your lens from the splash.

i used my canon 100mm f 2.8 macro.

i had tried using canon 50mm f 1.8 II also and it works well too.

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next is,
like the picture.
hold the candle in one hand,
the cable release in the other.
and shoot it away !!

if u're new to splashes.
then it'd be a trial and error thing.

for the focus,
i always put my candle on the spot where i wanna focus first.
focus on the candle,
then i drop the wax there.

if u've shot water splashes before,
then you know what to do :)

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good luck people.
email me at a link if u try it.

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