Tuesday, July 10, 2007

only 1 week old.

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i'm only like 1 week old to my degree.
and already,
there's so much work to be done.

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to date :
i know i have like 2 projects for organisation behaviour.
an individual and a grp project.
the grp project is further divided into part a and part b.
= 3 projects.

2 projects for buyer behaviour.
1 case study and 1 product research.

total = 5 projects.

got 3 more subjects.
i know business framework got projects.
at least 1 and 1 mid test.

damn it.
i think i'm seeing at least 8 - 10 projects to be hand in within 10 weeks' time.
and a few mid test.
like 2 - 3 i think.

and 5 final examinations.

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this is like dms times 3 la.
1st week of school only already i'm sitting at the benches discussing projects.
holy shit !

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i think i'm going to jurong in wednesday.
may be shoot at the street area.
try street photography.
coz i gotta go there for my medical check up for my student pass.
need to go for the x ray.
then haf to wait for bout an hour or so for the immediate collection.
or else haf to wait 1 week.
so i think i'm gonna use that hour to shoot !
or may be i'll sight see and hope it won't take so long so i'll haf enuff time to head else here :D

my aim for the degree is quite high.
see, ever since secondary school.
i've never really been proud of my results.
except the part where i advance from a normal academic class to an express class.
that was the last time i was proud of myself in my education world.
and i want, most probably, my last education year in singapore to be something i'll be able to be proud of again.


oh yeah,
i don't even have time to touch my photoshop anymore !
sorry mel...
the design gotta wait !
but i have something in mind already !
the photos were like 1 week old already.
edited the other time but nv post.

so see more of me :D
in water droplets !
my new way of narcism !

- off to bed at this hour !

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