Tuesday, January 30, 2007

you did very well..

i entered the class,
lin ha ha haa haaa chooooooooo was....
okay i shall stop playin with lecturers name before some kind of funny retribution happen or wad.
lin chin choo was going tru the test answers.
i wake up terribly late this morning,
entered like at 9.45 or 9.50 like that.
she was alreadi at the structured question answers.

i stare blankly.
god damn it.

"55 people of this class fail"

- break comes -

"Linda, u improved a lot"
"Seriously a lot, just by being able to answer the official and real unemployment rate correctly had impressed me a lot"

"u fail"
"borderline lah...almost pass there"

i stood beside her in silence.
actually i wanted to laugh really loud there and then.
think man...
she said u improved a lot !
ain't u gonna think that u at least pass ?

my heart was pumping faster.
that made me emotionless.
that's why i can't luff.

she then stare at me

"Herbert, you did very well"
afraid that it'll be another tricky thing like she did for the linda girl
"So, what does that suppose to mean....."
"hermm...about 70 70 ++ around that area"

WOHOOO - in my heart

some girl- "wow, that's very well"
"thanks :)"

and she turned her attention to someone else

rushes up the stairs to get the empty cup for the coffee.
wanted to jump in joy badly.
been smiling to myself since then.

but then again,
i've always been able to score at unemployment.
she said the same thing to the previous time i took her CA1 test.
okay, only without the "very" there lah.
she said i did well only lah.
but i remembered her she got say i tobalik lah.
people score in MCQ i score in the structured.

this time then balance :)


i'm still damn happy lah...
in addition to the happiness,
f's mom agreed to sponsor ( bout 70% ) her for a dslr cam too !
she might be getting the 400d sweetie too.


please don't let anything / anyone spoil my night and this will be one of those days that'll be bookmarked in my book of life :)

alright.......off to the bed to prepare for tonight's battle with the BL notes.

ps. DRI, i've decided to buy the EF 28 - 105 mm f/3.5 - 4.5 II USM lens and don't u freakin poison me anymore with other lenses.
tonite u shall not distract me with camera matters.
u made me spent 2 damn hours reading about the diff lenses last nite when i was suppose to be studying.
god damn it, practically u made me sleep at 6 a.m. when i'm suppose to wake up at 7.30 a.m. lah.
so the 28 - 105mm is it man.
and a cable release.
and a new heavier tripod.
and that is it man !

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