Wednesday, January 17, 2007

9 days

Your Level of Nicotine Dependence

On a scale of 1 to 10, where 1 is very low and 10 is very high, your score of 5 shows that you have a high dependence on nicotine.

The average score for Male smokers is 3.7. Your score of 5 is higher than others.

  • 20 minutes after quitting, your blood pressure drops to normal
  • 1 day after quitting, your chance of heart attack and stroke starts to decrease
  • 2 days after quitting, nicotine by-products are removed from your body
  • 2 weeks after quitting, walking and aerobic exercise becomes easier
that's what i did like 10 days ago before i decided to stop immediately after my last pack.
and it's been 9 days since then.
i'm free of nicotine.
so like right now,
my body should be clean from the nicotine by products alreadi lah.
i was reading the few withdrawals that i might experience.
one of which stated that i'll have severe sleeping problems.
meaning, i wouldn't be able to sleep properly.
wtf ?
i'm like 24/7 sleepy now.
and like right now,
my throat is damn uncomfortable lah.
like got phlegm stuck there.
god damn it.
damn uncomfortable.
they say it's my throat adapting back to nicotine torture free. also warn me about sore throats and dunno wad'll happen to my lips.
coz the lips now happier,
no more hot burning objects near it alreadi.
den dunno wad wad wad.
and i'm always hungry.
which is good.
trying to gain some weight here...

it's been 9 days....
i'm so gonna do it !
try 05 will have to be successful !

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