Monday, January 22, 2007

sent, now i need luck !

thanks nige for the wonderful compliment.
and stef,
it's not the botanical thing.
the place where i used to work in indo had this small garden where lots of butterflies and lots of other funny funny insects stays.
i just took my cam and snap snap snap.
now there are like some bugs that i don't even remember shooting.
emma, i squat down -.-"
put the camera almost on the ground.
and oh yeah, that's a nice design there at ur blog.
don't really like the banner thou =x

sent all 5 to the contest.
which closes tomorrow.
don't even think i have chance.
i mistakenly sent the small size file !
they requested that each file should not be more than 900kb.
i resize them and forgot to check !!
i sent them like only 200kb size file !!
compress too much !!
one more fatal mistake is...
i accidentally clicked the send button before i attach the picture !
coz like each picture is sent in a single email.
i was suppose to send 5.
i sent 6.
one..with the details of the pic, but no pic.
damn it !

the first time i enter into such a contest and i've made so blardy much mistake !

oh yeah btw,
i think i've cut down the F word tremendously on these last few post ah...
just realised.

another girly pic.
but i kinda like it tied up.

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