Sunday, January 07, 2007

the new skin.

change the layout of the blog once again,
just flip them from left to right and right to left.
change the tagboard too.
it's gonna be so empty now.
love the top banner.
did it totally with brushes only.
mix a few brushes,
delete here and there...
and hola !
like the dark theme.

oh ya,
just realise also now that changing the template you do not need to republish the whole blog eh ?
just save the setting can liao ah ?
that's so fucking cool man.
save lots of time waiting for it to publish.

some songs currently i'm addicted to -

stay the same - joey mclyntre
so beautiful - david tao
fa ru xie - jay chou
canon in d - pachelbel
andai ku tahu - ungu

damn it's hot these few days !!
but the weather's fantastic for photo hunting.
just too lazy to get my ass of this chair...

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