Tuesday, January 30, 2007

time is flying fast.

can u feel it ?
i can.

it's been 27 days since i last saw her.
it's been 20 days since my last cig.

it's flying fast.

1 day to blaw test.
(now 30th ald)

7 days to macro in class assignment that'll cost another 10% of the CA.
13 damn days to patrick no brain's project hand in.
15 days to a lonely valentine :(
17 days to imec presentation.

18 more days to seeing you again !
and may be my belated valentine ?
got such thing ?


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it's been 27 days eh ?
man..that seems long.

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remember that shot ?
it's by u.

it's so nice having u around.
having someone with the same wavelength.
someone who's willing to try to understand me.
thank you so much :)

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i remember that night.
the first night u open up to me.
when we had just started going out,
i remember asking u something,
u told me that u'll answer it when u feel the time's ready.
that watermelon and strawberry was the companion,
yeah yeah...
with the food i always eat outside,
nasi soto =P
i'm so glad that night happened.
i believe everything has a beginning.
i don't know when is our beginning.
but i guess that night could be.
the very first night u open up to me.
the night u felt the time was right.

18 more days...

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oh, i so can't wait.


30 days to exam 1
31 days to exam 2
32 days to exam 3


may be not total freedom lah.
at least it'll be a relief from all the works.

now i gotta make one of my new year's resolution come true...
no retaking the exams this time.
gotta PASS all at one GO !
yeah...luff all u want, or u can be nice and help motivate me and pray for me.
either way, i'm still hoping and praying and studying my way there.

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gotta go throw myself at those notes.
good luck for the test u people from intake 13, if there's any.

ps. i've notice that my click counter is jumping kinda fast lately,
is the site i outsource for the code had gone mad or is this site really is increasing in its clicks ?
well i hope latter.

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