Wednesday, January 24, 2007

when i'm suppose to be studying.

tomorrow is the first macro test.
15% if i'm not wrong.
pretty confident with all the working questions.
especially unemployment,
the chapter i conquer best.
guess i'd rather be questioned with lottsa words than with a chunk of numbers.

again, been eating and sleeping a lot since the stop.
16 days ago.
ask cz..
he knows.
i don't get the urge to smoke no more.
but why the hell is the withdrawals still around ?
or has it gone ?
when will it be gone ?
wth ?
they say it'll last for like 1 to 2 months.
but then i don't feel like smoking alreadi leh.
i'm not finding any urges anymore.
everything seems normal now.
thou, u know when i'm like feelin down and staring at those notes...
there's some kind of urge there.
like..there used to be something burning by my hand.
but the good thing is,
my table seems bigger now..
without the ashtray, lighters and the cig.
when will it be over sia ?
how would i know ?
anybody knows ?

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i can't stop but notice this,
on my way back home the other day i saw this big advert by the bus stop.
the sp my first choice advert.
i noticed the name first before the face of the guy somehow.
nigel !
fwah...nigel !
den i look up and...HAHAHAHAHAHAH
nigel SINGH

this is some lonely pic of cz.

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met up wif him for a lunch just now.
some expensive lunch it was.
but the stomach was happy.
i bet the worms inside were like partee-ing.

i don't really like this shot,
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felt it's a bit overexpose or wad.
i think i overdo the post production.
but the hell wif it...
editted it alreadi.

hermm...don't think any of my current classmate knows the existance of this blog.
so...yeah good luck to me for tomorrow !

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