Monday, January 08, 2007

why u shld be afraid to fly.

like i've written before,
for this year itself,
i'll be like flying for at least 13 times.
twice of them soon.
ie. during the chinese new year.
no matter wad i'm going back.
either sponsored by my parents or me forking out my own cash.
i want to be beside my love ones during this auspicious occasion.

i've been flying ever since i was young.
all the way back to when i was in the primary school bench or even younger,
can't really remember when i started flying.
through the years, i've basically lost count on how many times i've travel across countries.
it was penang - medan,
medan - penang.
then for the past 6 years.
it's been singapore - medan
medan - singapore
batam - medan
medan - batam.
these exclude family vacations.
just like dad,
who sometimes fly to jakarta for just a day or two just for a company meeting.
that of coz is sponsored by his company.
sometimes, when i'm in medan,
i wouldn't even know he had been to jakarta and back !

garuda indonesia is one of the most realiable and established airline company in indonesia.
it's like the singapore airlines in indonesia.
ever since they stopped flying directly from medan to singapore,
i've been taking a less costly way to travel back and fro medan.
i.e. tru batam.
ferry to batam, then a flight back to medan.
and the flights i've been taking are from those budgetted airlines.
unless when garuda offers some special discounts or promotion.

why you should be afraid to fly in those budgeted airlines.
adam air,
a budget airline in indonesia has just vanished a week ago.
till now they still can't find the ruins of the plane.
i'm astonished of how an airplane could just vanished into thin air just like that man.
it's like the bermuda triangle thingy.

mandala crashed in my very hometown last year.
and lots of other airlines crashed incidents in the past.
i guess this is why.

now..that's why i purposely get myself as little sleep as possible before my flight.
so i could sleep tru the way and not worry about anything.
and if anything should happen while i'm sleeping...
well, worst case is...
i'll just wake up in hell.

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