Wednesday, January 17, 2007

saint virus, bassist

got introduced to this band when i was in medan the other time.
they're saint virus.
from what i've seen,
not a lot of chinese bands really made it big in my town.
so far,
i've only known two.
i think it's like the best band in medan
next 21...
dunno is it next or gent.
funny names they have -.-"
but had a chance to dance with them the other time at the pub.
saint virus is the other band.
their reputation ?
i don't know...
well, they got a chance to sing at sun plaza thou.
sun plaza in medan is like...
how to say...
takashimaya ?
or may be vivo city now.
so that is something.

they wanted a group photo.
she and i went to their studio during their practice one find night.
i must admit,
i was pissed with the lighting condition of their studio.
the photoshoot screwed up.
from that shoot.
we've made a background of one of their members.
tozeb, the bassist.

here they are.

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