Friday, January 19, 2007

insect contest.

there's this national photography contest in indo.
the theme is :
insects and the way they live.
now...butterflies are insects too right.
coz like most of my animal pics are of butterflies.
i've gathered some 25 nice pieces of photographies.
narrowed them down to 18.
and i can only choose 5 from those.

it's sure hard.


i think this one here is realli nice.
dunno bout the colours thou...

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oh yeah,
was zooming here and there wif the pics just now.
found this.

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check out the hair !

and caught something ghostly too !

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something funny to share...
i was checking my timetable in my student portal which i rarely opens.
then i decided to see wad's inside the portal,
usually i won't even care.
i access the portal for 2 reasons nia.
1. check my timetable, which is like once a week.
2. check my results.
so just now i was clicking here and there reading.
then i come upon this.

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check out where my pointer is !

to you,
don't find me,
please don't.
don't wait,
for i'm already inside,
for there's nothing to wait.
this distance is nothing,
for i am inside you,
feel me like i feel you right here,
no matter how far apart,
i am always there beside you,
u just gotta feel it.

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