Monday, May 05, 2008

escaping reality 4


tomorrow will be my second last paper !
oh's later on today
happiness !!
freedom feel so much closer now
it's the 5th...barely 3 more days and let me say i totally tak boleh wait already !!!

blue skies

the skies out there these few days had been so nice during the day
despite the hotness...
i checked on my weather forecast thing and today's weather was actually recorded at 34 freaking degrees during mid day
how hot could that be man...
i opened the window for the light to shine in and freshen the air conditioned room a bit just to find that against my back, i'm kinda being blown by cold air while from the front the hot humid air slowly blew in
i closed the window very soon after that when i noticed the temperature of the mac rising as well

blue blue skies

as i'm typing now...
freedom is just a mere
3 days 15 hours and 27 mins away !!
WOHOOness man
the other time i installed the countdown thing, it was still showing like 14 days over

okay, if i have time tomorrow which i'd probably have anyway, coming right up will be the sunrise of yesterday's morning !


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