Monday, October 30, 2006

the one with prediction

been watching friends like too much, thus the title up there.
kana influenced.
i finished watching season 2 and 3
left season 4 and more to buy.

something interesting happen this morning and i so have to share this.

i woke up like 3.30 am this morning coz dad told me we gotta go to this temple to pray and stuff.
what i didn't know was that...
we're not just going there to pray.
down here in medan,
there's lots of this small temple where there's a guy / woman who claim / say / really can make one of those buddhas enter their body and talk to us.
we go there and all we gotta do is ask questions and they'll just answer perfectly.
i mean...seriously powderfully.
okay so...this guy that i went to this morning was so powderful that people had started queueing up at his doorstep by like 2 am and the small temple is only open by 5.
we gotta queue...there'll be a guy giving out queue numbers.
we got 11 and 12.
dad, mom, me and one of my cousins reached at around 4.30 and we only got to talk to this guy by like 8.
that's like 3 hours plus of waiting.
mom said it was worth it.
me ?
i'm left dumbfounded and filled with curiousity.
okay..this is what happen.
since i forgot which buddha enters this guy body...let's just call this buddha by the initial "b".

we entered in...
and b was like sitting down.
he stopped at no.10 and took a rest.
meaning, the buddha got out of this guy's body and the guy rest.
by around 8+ we entered.
i was standing at one corner while mom was already kneeling down by him.
dad sat down and my cousin followed.
i saw this guy cover his face with a cloth and was chanting some matra.
after a while he rose up suddenly banging the table with one of his hand.
and it means that he had summoned the buddha in him.
mom spoke some cheem hokkien to him.
i then quickly knelt down.
okay..this is shock no. 1.
as soon as i knelt down by him, he immediately shouted at me angrily.

he just kept repeating that i'm a child that only knows how to spend and never want to know how to earn money.
the fact about me being a spendrift is right i suppose.
i spend a lot.
the other thing about me not wanting to know how to earn cash is....
let's explain it this way.
personally, it's crap.
coz i do want to earn my own cash.
but again, i'm lazy to learn my parent's business to earn money.
i prefer to go out to work.
and there was never a chance...
so each holiday is only spent with me lazing around.
i guess he's right.
i'm useless and i never want to know how to earn money.
wtf ?

arguement number 1.

no no no...not that i dun wanna work for that.
but i've been away for so long and most of dad's workers treat me know
the boss's son.
they can't fucking treat me like a co-worker.
that's for the lower level staff.
for the higher one,
when i try to chip in some management logic to them...
they'll just turn a deaf ear on me.
thinking that i'm too young and has no right to control them.
they never listen.
when i told dad what i thought about one thing, dad will just tell me to go straight to his staff and tell them.
and they never listens to me.
that turn me off directly.
which after so many tries and over time...i become lazy to work for that becoz of these people.

anyway, dad finally officially appointed me like the warehouse manager when i come back.
and i start work tml.
i'm suppose to imply a new management system for his warehouse mangement.
he feels that the warehouse management suck and he wanna test me after all those money he spent on me.
i accepted it even before i return home coz dad has been talkin to me about this a few weeks back.

shock no 2.
he shouted.
something like whenever i talk to my mum..i'll be pissed off and will feel like she wanna start a fight and in return i'll be cold to her.
that is fucking right.
that b guys has never even meet me man !

shock no 3.
he showed me a small little red book.
opened it for me and asked me if i can see anything.
i saw nothing.
seriously nothing.
blank pages.
but somehow deep inside me i felt that there's something down there.
but i saw nothing.
he then closes the small book.
flip it open again.
and there was red chinese writings all over them.
at that moment....
he truly made me convinced that this bugger really had a buddha entered him.

my cousin had told me lots of things bout this guy.
about how he scolded one of my cousin and know his history the moment he first meet my cousin.
and more....

those seriously left me dumbfounded.
but wad made change my mind was after all those scolding.
he told me that since i'm still young...he scold me...but if i'm already old...
there's no point scolding anymore.
then my cousin came and ask him some stuff.
and wadeva he said prior to us telling him were like all so chun !
my cousin asked b about his house.
he told b the road name and the house numba and immediately the guy said...
"oh..the one at the end of the road"
then he describe the house interior right away !
there's no way this fella has ever entered my cousin's house man...
so..wad made me changed my mind was when he started talkin bout my girlfriends.
he said this

i have of them i've already left.
and the other one is ending soon.
and there'll be another one coming.

this is just so wrong.
i haven't been two timing since 3 years ago i think.
definitely more than 1 year.
i've never cheated on princess.
and there's no way i'm gonna cheat on her.

that last one made ?
and he just left me with curiousities instead of me believing in him.
one more shock was....
after he said those bout me and my gfs stuff and change my mind immediately
wtf ?

now...can somebody explain this to me ?

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