Friday, October 27, 2006

the journey home.

it was on a hari raya
like usual, i didn't sleep the night before.
scared that i can't wake up and fuck myself at the ass again.
went out wif the guys for pool at parkway and a little xbox at cz's place the night before.
reached home and started to pack my things.
and for the very first time.
i was actually early !
as in...usually it'll be just nice.
like when i finish packing my stuff den i bathe and'll be time to leave.
this time round i finish packing my stuff like so much faster.
for the first time i didnt haf to rush.

- sexyback playing at mah itunes -
- and it's getting hard for me to type now..i've grown like finganails at my last 3 fingers of my left hand and the last 2 fingers of my right hand and it's like alreadi so fuckin hard to type...i really wonder how those people that leave really long finganails type man coz mine is just like.......-

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-like this-

okay...this shall be an entry of wad happen that day on my way back.
nothing much interesting except for the haze thou.
i see it at the sky level

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so like usual...i left at bout 8.
strolling my laguages to the main road for a cab.
wad's diff this time round is that the nearby mosque has been "allah-ing" since like 6 or 7 can't really remember and dey didn't stop even after like 8+
i reach the main road to find my usual "wait for cab" place fully parked with cars.
no choice, i had to walk after the bus stop to wait.
let me sketch.

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there you have it !
the arrows represent the path i walked wif my laguages.

okay, so i waited there after the bus stop and chun chun i flag the cab that time got bus come.
damn it.
then the taxi stop somemore.
i made the whole bus 109 wait for me to load my laguages into the cab before the driver can move like 1m more to open the door and release the frustated passengers.

*fast forward*

got problem at the immigration,
ushered to the office.
actually not a problem at all
coz i had a social visit pass for singapore till like 10 nov den the officer thought i'll be back home for a few days nia den my social pass will be like wasted so ask me go to the office to talk to the higher level officer.
den i onli haf to tell the nice officer that i'll only be back to singapore earliest by january
he chop chop chop and i'm off.

*fast forward*

board the ferry...
see the sky condition and window condition.
both sucked
i slept tru the way

upon reaching batam...
i dunno if its my fone or the fuktub inonesia mobile thing fucked up.
coz i can't fucking call out !
i'm suppose to meet this person i never meet before at the harbour to collect my air ticket.
i sms the woman like a zillion times and i mobile can't recieve any smses also !
i just kept dialing and dialing
i dialed home, medan home.
called dad - can't get tru
called sis - can't get tru
called princess - got tru but she was still aslp den nv pick up
called house fone - GOT TRU and mum picked up.
den i heard dad shouting shouting at the background.
apparently, while i was busy redialing, there's this woman behind me that's like talking to dad and i realised it onli after listening to wad dad said and wad she replied.
anyway, took another taxi drive to the airport,
nice taxi driver...talked some inonesia politics tru the way.

* fast forward*

board the plane.
there's this old couple sitting beside me complaining about why the plane sells food on board instead of giving them for free.
"hello ~ its kinda a budget plane..and for all i know...all indo budget planes dun GIVE you things on board...they SELL you"

another nice thing is this...

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garuda decorated their interior planes wif nice ketupats.
i shall try takin a flight during chinese new year and see if they'r being racist or not.

like usual again, i asked for the window seat so i could snap pics.
first fuktub thing.
the window sucked to the MAX.
and haze.
no nice pics at all !
batam is a chio city from the sky !
damn it.
i so wanted to take pics of batam again....
this is wad i got.

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notice the haze ?
wait wait...another haze pic.

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i could see the outline of clouds from afar...its onli when like the place is next to that cloud that i could take a pic of that cloud.

decided to sleep.
chun chun woke up when almost reach medan and got this pic.

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not much haze.
beautiful skies again :D

been slacking these few days.
and dad's making me a white suit finally !
gonna start work by the 30th...

and 1 sad thing.
my gf for like 16 months thought my bdae is on the 30th.
i'm supposed to be angry at her right now.
but i just can't bring myself to do so.
miss her too much...
i forgive u,
one more time like that....
and we can see this relationship ending.
i guess you never know me at all.
well, can't blame you princess...
no one does.

p.s. nige, update me on the missing adam news.
and have fun at school sim mates =P

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