Friday, November 03, 2006

a new gadget :)

my birthday the other time was kinda disappointing.
i didn't even felt that it was my birthday at all man.
it just felt that it was yet another day.
another thing was....
i don't know why this year there's like a lot of people who wishes me early.
like a day earlier.
everybody thought my bdae was on the 30th !
some frenz wishes me like 15 mins before the midnight.
princess was amazing.
she called like 10 mins earlier.
and sang me a happy birthday in english.
then she said that she has something up and will call me back soon.
i hung up and she called immediately !
and sang me the happy birthday song in chinese.
and again,
i hung up and she called and sang me a happy birthday song in bahasa indonesia.
well...that's the only sweet thing.
i slept like tru the day.
was down with a severe headache,
i tried to get myself up a few times just to fall flat on my bed again.
then it was dinner wif my fam.
nothing great.
i really felt that it was just like any other saturday night family dinner together except for the few friends that joined me.
even when my mum requested the restaurant to play the happy birthday song in the background i was like...
"HEH...wth is having a birthday today"
and starts looking around at other tables.
and like everybody just stared at me.
i was like...
"oh yea yea...i almost forgot"
and made a fake laugh about it.

on the 1st nov,
i sold my nokia 6600.
the fone wif lotsa memories.
memories of princess.
i bought that fone so i could haf the same fone wif her previously.
well, now is the same v3.
mine black and hers pink.
a one year old plus phone sold :(

but a new gadget is brought in with the release of an old gadget i loved so much.
i had spent time playing games wif that fone on lots of my mrt and bus trips.
in the ferry to and fro singapore.
i guess the new fone is functioning perfectly so far.
bought it yesterday.
the touch screen fone sony ericsson released.
m600i black.

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well of coz i'd love to have their white edition but its all out of stock here in medan.
and i know...
there's no way they'll have them for the next few months.
and being me.
when i want something...i'll want them immediately.
a day delay is gonna spend my whole day and well....
basically lose my temper.
i guess that's why i'm a bad bad bad son.

btw dri, i wasn't so embarrased.
coz there aren't really much people allowed to be in the same hall when that guy was like having some buddha in him for privacy issue.

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work has been great.
next entry is gonna be with spider pictures.
some big ass spideys.
apparently the warehouse has lots of them and i found them while checking around the stocks the other time.
i missed two photographies shot yesterday and the day before !
after the warehouse thingy...
we headed to the smaller cities of medan.
and on the way.
i witnessed some incredible scenes of indonesia.
imagine paddy fields spreading all the way to the horizon with amazing clouds above them.
you can't even see that far in singapore without any building to obstruct your view.
there's no tress...
just paddy fields with farmers working around them.
damn !

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the skies here are amazing EVERY SINGLE DAY.
there's no one day that the sky fail to amaze me.

oh's the haze there ?
is it more already ?
coz it's definitely perfectly alright here in medan.

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check out how far you can see...
can you see thouse hills ?
i think that's brastagi man.
i don't know if brastagi is a hill or a mountain.
but they are definitely higher than bukit timah hill.

went up the roof again this morning.
can't sleep.
i'm so dead later for work man.

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days here are great.
especially with work.
oh by the way,
from those wong coco...nata de coco stuff
i'm moving on to learn about spare parts.
a whole new world of business man i tell you.

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that's me at the roof !

i'm gonna go watch friends...
regards to all !
spideys pics soon !

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