Thursday, October 19, 2006


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that is a completely unedited picture taken from my sony this morning of my eye.
kinda freaky eh.

i dun usually quote songs,
but this chorus here fits perfectly in me right now.
especially the 2nd sentence.

And, I don't want the world to see me
'Cause I don't think that they'd understand
When everything's made to be broken
I just want you to know who i am.

the school's administrative stuff is over.
what's left to do in Singapore now ?
the blog design for dawsiree which i currently still have no inspiration yet.
another one or two design for bonkers pub namecard.
that last one is one hard one man.
i'll be off by sunday i hope.
that's when i told dad to buy me my ticket.

a few other things i wish i could do before i leave...
catch a sun set in singapore.
lepaking and just pure hardcore slacking like tomorrow doesn't matter for a night.

we live to pay our mortgage.
you study so you can have a future and then you're supposed to pay your parents back.
cause that is only right.
then you'll have a family...
and you'll have a bigger mortgage to pay.
your wife, kids, the bills, the car and so on.
we come from emptiness and will go back to emptiness.
why are we filling thing emptiness in between when it will completely forgotten when we finally lie there six feet under or when you're burned off to ashes ?

i don't understand why god create us...
may be we're just one of his experiments gone wrong.
that's why you see he seems to be further and further away from us day after day.
He created Adam, found out that he's a mistake, He then decided to create Eve so he wouldn't have to accompany Adam all His life cause simply killing Adam off is nothing god would do. Then that dumb Eve proves god right.
humans are His first mistake after creating light and all that.
that Eve go and eat that stuuuupid apple then they kana send to earth.
and we come out on this troubled planet.
another thought,
if Adam and Eve thing is right arrr...
how they produce siah ?
who thought them sex ?
did they had oral or not ah...
then ah...
means last time siblings also fuck each other one ah ?
tot know if u fuck your siblings your kid will have a high chance or retardedness ?
you see ah...

year 1

Adam fucks Eve

Eve got pregnant

Eve produces Ali Baba and Christy

year 2


meanwhile Adam and Eve think about more sex positions.
that's why you get all those doggystyle and so on.

year 3

Adam fucks Eve again

Eve got pregnant

Eve produces Ahmad, Bubu and Susan

year 4

Ali, Baba and Chirsty is 3 years old

Adam and Eve slack

*fast forward*

year 15

Ali, Baba and Christy is now 14 years old
they start having hair growing up there and down there
and they ask Adam and Eve
and Adam told them
"now that you have hairs down there, you now are suppose to cover them with a leaf just like me"
their hormones start raging up

year 16

Adam and Eve begin their first sex education to Ali, Baba and Christy
Adam did so by showing how he got Eve pregnant
Eve got pregnant in the show
Eve produces Susi and Siti

year 17

Ali fucks Christy
Christy got pregnant
Christy produces a retarded child named Patrick

*fast forward*

so it means...
everybody is cousins and siblings ah ?

i so need her by me right now

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