Thursday, October 12, 2006

the only daughter

being an only child is definitely the most fortunate situation to be borned in.
my sis, thou not only child, is the only daughter of my parents.
and my only sister too.
it just suprise me to how far a parents can love the "only" child/son/daughter.

20th nov, my sis 17th birtday.

a year older,
a year where she'll begin to be known as a young adult.
and she is asking a grand celebration for it.
guess what...
dad said yes.

wtf ?

i've never remember any year of my life that both my parents actually celebrate my birthday with me.
it's either i'm not in indonesia, or it'll just be with mum.
i can't remember anything special about my birthday prior to primary 5 where i first began my journey of studyin overseas.
besides, i can only remember clearly about my life when i began studying in penang.
only bits and pieces here and there before that.
my very first birthday that i remembered wasn't great too.
i remembered having a quarrel wif sis that morning.
it was just me, sis and i living in that flat that we rented somewhere in Farlim.
may be i was borned emotional.....i don't know but i do think that i'm an emo person
as if it was yesterday.....
i was bathing after the quarrel.
my tears flow along sight the water.....
after that i think mum just bought me to Lucky Plaza
let me play some is also where Rebecca met me and gave me a pen that i've never used and is still with me.
besides, i still hoped that next day was my birthday.
ming yeow bought me a gk jersey
ali tanin and i went to the tailor to let him stitch my name with the number "1" behind
everything is still well kept guys.
and bla bla bla bla

anyway, back to my sis
so she'll be having a grand bdae parteee
in a restaurant
with quite a well known local mc
and wanted me back home for that night
dad and i had a talk this morning
and i asked him will i be going home
its not that really want to go home nor i don't wanna go home
to me,
going home just for 1 night will be kind of just a waste of $
and it'll be extremely tiring.
"what can i do ? she's my only daughter"
and i know i'll be flying back on the 18th of November just to attand to my sis' party at 7p.m. and fly back to singapore on the 19th.

i asked her
"does my presence to your bdae this time really important ?...u're ok with the past few years"
on msn just now
and she said
"OF COZ!!"

that's enough to make my night.
thou you're becoming more and more like mum, the naggings...
no matter how tired i will be,
i'll be there that night.
you're my only sister
and i love you

your next birthday will be so beautiful i'm gonna make you soo touched till you cry !
princess...prepare =P
this is the 2nd thing that i've always dreamt of to do with someone i really truely love with.
the first was that candles.
this will be the second thing.
something that i've kept since ages ago...
i've decided to do it with YOU !

to do list :
- finish name card + blog design for dawsiree.
- design invitation cards for sis.

woodlands town garden.

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not a beautiful place,
just that bridge over the lake is great.
nothing caught my eye except for that.

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