Friday, October 20, 2006

grossest thing i've ever seen

this will stop me from wanking for months !
god damn it.
my hair is still even standing.
for the weak hearts please dun watch.
for men...please go ahead and watch them :)
thanks wong huiqing for enlightening me on this.
now i'm thinkin twice to making out wif my gal on her bossom.
if you haven't have your meal, i suggest you go makan first before watching this.
i think everyone should watch it la.
but if ur heart not that power arh.
den dun ok,
i dun wanna take responsibility if you faint on the spot or wad la.
orh ya,
dun watch them immediately after your meal also,
i'm not gonna pay for a new keyboard if you vomit on them.

this one is not those clip where you watch den suddenli got people shout or wad one.
no no,
not like the other time k.
this one is EDUCATIONAL.
the fact about life.

if you watch them and not happy ah,
dun blame me ah
she sent me the email one
den i watch
den i just buay tahan but to share them lah

oh ya,
change of schedule
i'm gonna be back home this tuesday, not sunday.
the ramadan coming,
flights are mostly fully booked
so no choice
going back on 24th october.
i guess this is finally the year that i'll be spending my birthday with my family at my side.
after 5 years straight.
and 2 only wif mum and sis.
sad sad life.

okay now GO WATCH

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