Saturday, October 07, 2006

the haze.

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okay, before YOU FUCKERS blame indonesians and all about the haze.
let's make this fucking clear.
i am an Indonesian and am also in this place i call hell i.e. Singapore suffering the same fucking hazy problems like YOU DO.
point a finger at us, and 3 points back at you.
point all your fingers at us, and you're fuckingly starting a war with us for not all of us are to be blame.
you say we're fucking stupid, never learn our lessons etc etc.
don't singapore have mirror ?
can't you fucking look at your own fucking country first before you criticize about others.
yes, we might be not as great as this tiny little dot island as you are.
but your country ain't doing that great either.
and honestly, i still can't believe your government has to help with even such a personal simple matters such as marriage and has to campaign here and there.

indonesia is big,
singapore is just a dot.
a lake in my small hometown is already enough to swallow up the whole of singapore.
all lee kuan yew did was to manage a small little dot like you while our president mr bang bang has to manage a top 10 biggest country in the world.
our economy corrupts, one of our ex president is partially blind, one of them can't even speak indonesian language properly and one is a fat bitch who wept when she was taken down.
chinese there is only about 3% of indonesia's population but dominates most of the business sector and still the majority of indonesians can't accept us.
lots of fucking problems yes i know.
we're not as great as you are neihter are we as small as you are.
try comparing managing a grp of 2 people compared with managing a grp of 2000 people.

back to the hazy problem,
yeah...we burn down trees the size of singapore at once coz it's so much easier and much much less costly than cutting them down one by one.
we never think about you and what you had done to help us bla bla bla...
i thought singapore is suppose to be a civilised country ?
the trees were burned illegally,
you can't stop illegal activities in any country man...
even in this dot itself,
smugglin of ciggarettes is so fucking high.
almost $1m worth eh...?
don't blame us...
blame the manager !
mr bang bang you d'oh ! oh no....
i must admit thou,
ever since he became our president...indonesia is doin much better.
lesser corruption, lesser illegal stuff.
i myself see it changing.
on the other hand,
ever since he became our manager,
disasters came one after one
flood, earthquakes, tsunami and now the fucking haze that have to affect neighbouring countries.
you have to climb the stairs of success a step at a time or you'll trumble over.
he is, i believe and from what i'm seeing.
well may be he hasn't move on to this burning down of trees thing and for that...
do something quick and right asshole.
the country is dying piece by piece already.

corruption has been around since the birth of indonesia,
you can't change a habit overnight.
meaning, even lee kuan yew can't change indonesia overnight.
for a country as big as us,
it'll take years...
how long did YOUR COUNTRY take to be like what you are today ?
you're a small dot.
us progressing like this is considered fast alreadi man.

don't you fucking blame us.
blame the assholes that burn the trees down.
the rest of us...
don't you fucking dare touch them.
a bomb from us is enough to make this dot on the map disappear.
oh no wait,
we have no money for the bomb...
nevermind, wad say the whole of indonesia's population march into singapore ?
no matter how much your ammunition'll never be fast enough to kill us all...
you'll still die anyway.

"Firefighters in Indonesia said they were working 24 hours a day to douse the illegally set land-clearing blazes, while students handed out masks to protect residents from the acrid haze that has darkened skies over 557,000 square kilometers of land."
quoted from

we're worst than you over there.
the air hear is still of moderate standard while over there it's alreadi unhealthy.
and our firemen there are already working 24/7
it's not like we're not doing anything down there and wait for your help

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i seriously fucking wonder how you people who hate these noise put up with this !


Anonymous said...

Fuck you, Herbert! Bloody corrupted losers!

Anonymous said...

Insecure people like you who emphasizes a superior country's landmass like a hundred times are the ONLY reason Indonesia will forever stay a third world country, with morons like you tainting the society with your idiocy can't really expect much from your government as people of your nature are as worthless.

Anonymous said...

So next time I burn my house down, and it 'so happens' to burn my neighbours down, I should lament to them that my house got burn down as well in the fire? And criticise them for telling me off because I suffered as well? I seriously don't understand your thought process.

Anonymous said...

Haters gonna hate, indonesians gonna be stupid.