Tuesday, April 07, 2009

rest in peace, tultle...

rest in peace tultle,


i knew there was something wrong with you when i got back
when i see u weren't as active as you used to be
when they changed your usual habitat that i've placed you in
when i got back
they've lessen the water in the tank so damn little that i can't find tultle swimming around anymore while when i used to be around...i'd usually fill up the tank up to 75% up so it can be active as it likes to be
a part of me felt that tultle was waiting for me to get back
so have me feed him one last time or some sort
as i didn't see him eating when my mum fed it
while it'd jump to me when i fed it
the past few days,
i saw you looking back at me whenever i pass by to take a peep at you
and now that you've gone.....

tultle was with me for the past 4 months
and tultle, i'm sorry i haven't been around to give you a little more care
and now that you've gone....
may you have a place up there that u've been dreaming of
may you have more fishes to eat than i've ever fed you
and may you rest in peace....

you, will be dearly missed.


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