Thursday, April 30, 2009

kebun binatang | penguins

so i went to the singapura kebun binatang today
do what ?
shoot binatang lor
shot some 300 over pics
to get a better pic each time after each shot
end up 1 animal i have like only 2 - 3 pics
and i didn't really shoot quite a lot of animals : /

one thing photography
to be precise
macro, landscape and animal photography
really thought me a lot of patience through these years
i wasn't as patience as i am today back back then
these types of photography just require patience
u gotta wait wait wait and wait
to just get that one right moment
when that snake hat its tongue out
when the penguin jumps in to swim
when that monkey jumped off for a swing
and of course
the right light
the right place
the right angle
all must put in patience one

and since i'm very tired liao
gonna just post 6 pics from the earlier part of the day today d

had to wait for this monkey to turn around
coz singapore zoo's monkey all mostly only show us their asses instead of the face -.-"

had to wait for this bird to turn its head back a slight bit so the light hit its face nicely

the penguins
pretty much just wait and anticipate them to swim pass across in front of me lor
instead of go swim up or down




this of course
had to wait for the monkey to jump on that thing there
and do its tarzan thing


i am
very very very
physically and emotionally tired
gonna go back home real soon.

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