Friday, April 17, 2009

10 days to freedom

it's been 7 days since i've turn my life upside down
by that i totally means upside down
your night time is my day time
and your day time is my sleeping time
the peace and quietness of the night is the only time i can study well
it's been like that for years and i've never thought of changing it
and boy,
these days have been pretty much lifeless
i'd wake up at 11pm
bathe and have my "breakfast" while watching either antm or southpark
then sit down a bit editing pic for this post
and once all these slacking are done
usually it'd be around 2am
i'd pack my books
head down to the study area nearby
and began mugging
often, i'd then take an hour break after 2 - 3 hours of straight studying
that'll be the time i come home
roam around deviantart or other people's blogs
after that i'm down at the study area again
and all the way till 6 am
come back home
finish up whatever chapter i've allocated myself to for the night
and then i'd have another meal
watch another episode of antm / southpark
and i'm off to bed

and the cycle repeats
pretty darn boring and tiring

share a photo i shoot during a break time where i decided to shoot instead of coming back online again


10 more nights of lifeless boring days
and i'd be free !!
can't wait.

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