Monday, April 20, 2009 digital magazine

i'm not sure about this
but i think i want to make a commitment to it

after much consideration
i've decided to produce an online magazine !

what's digital magazine ?
well, it's a free for all 25 - 30 pages online magazine.
it'll contain a few pages of my personal works, a featured photographer page with interview, featured works page and of course tips and tricks based on the months' topic

i hope by producing something like this, i can further help fellow photography enthusiast and at the same time acknowledge unknown photographers among my circle more to the public

thus, will definitely need the support for the first launch's success
help out by contributing to the "featured works" page !
this month's theme is - LOVE !

send as many pictures as you want to based on the theme LOVE
maximum size 800px across
you'd be notified to send larger size if you picture is selected !

spread the word people !!!

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linlin said...

support support:)