Saturday, April 11, 2009


how's the new layout ?
kinda like it
coz on some days...i can just simply add something in the "work station"
hang a picture frame ? a new equipment ? a feature ? or may be i'd pop out too ?

on another note,
the exams fever has officially started
made my schedule
and well...i'm gonna face some 17 days of full study study study study study and study + random shooting to relieve the stress in between

so what i'm posting tomorrow ?

it's a.blur
just like a photo i shot when i was back home
i don't know
i have photos i haven't edited before one
but that'll take time in front of the mac
and that is something i don't have right now
should be in front of the notes more now
ok ok
too much time spent typing alreadi
going off


hey what's up notes !

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