Sunday, April 19, 2009

"male" and the notes 01

it's been more than a week that i continually study study and study
like non stop
leading a boring and rather awkward kinda life
and tonight is the first night kinda that i woke up so darn late
overslept by 2 hours
kinda pissed off because of that
waking up late for my study time has always been something that i hate
coz the more i sleep tru the night, the less "night" time i'd have for my studying
these past few days,
as i throw more chapters into my schedules to cover, kinda am getting accustomed to studying in the morning too
but then again, it's kinda too noisy so kinda have to throw in double concentration too
and i think that's why i'm getting more and more tired each day

as an exams destress this morning
i shot !
something that i'm feeling

a little depressing coz there's so much to study
and i think also
it's how we all feel with notes and books around right
kinda hard to shoot positively with all these notes and books surrounding you each and everyday of you life

here's "male" and the notes
dividing into two parts
3 photos each part




more tomorrow :D

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