Friday, April 24, 2009

1 over 1 more to go

i'm 50% closer to freedom now
last paper will be on monday
tonight's rest and break night
the battle starts again tomorrow
am 4 days away from freedom !

today's paper ?
no comment really
all i can say is
i don't think i've ever been quite this "hardworking" ever throughout my degree course
i bought a new fresh foolscap paper for this subject
coz the way i study is a little bit not very environmental friendly
i have to write down my own notes
i can't just read and memorize
i have to write
write and write
and by the time i finished writing this morning
to my surprise
i finished the entire half of the foolscap book -.-"


2 photos i shot yesterday

am sleepy
wanna go sleep :)



good night people !
for those that's still battling with the notes
god bless ya'll
"it always seems impossible until it's done !"

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