Thursday, December 27, 2007

7 shooting 3 : the intro

god damn it
i wrote wrote long long yesterday for this entry
then the internet fail me
lucky got save a bit

anyway like the title says
this is an intro entry

so the other time
well, it's in my december folder
so definitely shot this month

i followed citra photography school in medan
for a model photoshoot

it was on a saturday if i'm not wrong
yeah, on a saturday
the exact same day my waxy splash got published in the local tabloid

so i went to citra
together with f,
and met the rest of the 5 photographers who were late
wtf -.-"

so then, we went to this place called royal sumatra
a luxurious housing estate on the other side of the town
but then half way there rain terribly
when it rains the road = traffic jam
and if it rains like cats and mice for 1 hour tak-stop
= flood
and f and i was on another fren's car
a mercedes = terribly low = cannot go flooded place

after an hour or so, we make a turn and went to another place
which i've already forgotten where

and here are the photographers !

wth ?
now photobucket don't wanna laod


canon dood


nikon dood


another nikon dood


fuji dood


can't remember what he was using
if i'm not mistaken
must be canon

and the models !


our "bond" girl
check out tomolo why !


when i first saw her
i was like
my god! this face damn familiar
dunno who
it was not till my i showed my fren her pic
that he told me
she was an ex radio dj who i used to know
quite some time ago


she has one hell of a gorgeous smile !

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