Monday, December 10, 2007

lake toba 03

last part of the lake toba journey
2nd last part of the parapat trip
and may be 1 or 2 more post about brastagi
and this trip will finally come to an end

if u live in medan
then i'm quite sure u know this tabloid

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for those of you who don't
aplaus, is quite a well known tabloid among the teens in medan
the other time i sent my pic to them and i got tru to their like "nice nice pic" and got published
no long after my first pic was published
playfully i sent another pic
and yesterday

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it got published again !

fwah, super super damn tired
2 days straight outings
thou the outings here means driving and not carrying the bag a lot
but i kinda feel it's so much more tiring than the singapore outings

went to belawan port yesterday
which is around 1 hour plus away from home
and just now a 3 models outing
and realised that
50mm is one hell of a sharp lens
but somehow,
mine have a very high tendency to go wrong focus :(


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we reach the i've-fogotten-what-city of samosir island after we left the batu gantung
the main attraction of this city is the "batu kursi" literally translated as the "stone chair"

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samosir is an island of the batak
who prefer to be acknowledge more of as a race than a tribe
we hired a local guide to guide us a long the way and tell us the story behind that city

the stone chair
was long long ago
like a court room
the bataks believe in those black and white magic stuff
and still do so to this day
anyone who looks different from them
would be regarded as those of an enemy
and those who possess a different power from them
like for example,
the bataks now are mostly christians
however, the very first priest who went there
ended up being eaten

as far as i can remember
the story would go something like this

priest abc ( forgotten the name again, but he's a dutch ) went to that city
the bataks there see him
wah white dood
blue eye
blonde hair
must be damn powderfu guy
so they catch him
and put him at those stone chair for hearing
then they can't communicate ma
coz the dutch would speak dutch
and the bataks would speak bataks
he was later said to be guilty

then, those who are found to be guilty would either be thrown into jail or be executed
the jail in those time would mean
in a cage with the pigs
right underneath these bataks houses
these prisoners would be feed the way they fed their pigs or chickens or whatever animal that they breed
all done when the prisoners had both their hands and legs tied to the back
which will mean they'll have to crawl like a snake to where the food is thrown
and eat directly using their mouth on the ground
and fighting their food with the pigs there

people who steal would have their hand chopped off
those who are said to have a higher power than the kind would be executed
those who rape would be executed as well
other lighter crime will be thrown into jail
in the day, these prisoners would be forced to do harsh labour
however, most of them would just later die in jail due to the lack of food

back to the priest
he was claimed guilty and was to be executed

he was then brought to another area
the execution area
that looked rather more like a stage than an execution area
there are apparently seatings for the public
and 3 other areas on the stage
the first would be the stone chair of the king
a chair made of stone
another area would be the beating area
and the last part would be the chop-head-off area

so the process will be like this
bow to the king
nicely told to transfer all his / her power to the king
then taken to the beating area
they'll bare the back of the dood open
and beat him like mad
if any guy down there who don't feel the pain
they believe that there is still power in the guy
then they will then take a small knife
and the back of the guy will be cut into slices
then got blood all that flowing out wad right
then the bataks will then pour lime over the cuts
then if still no pain
the fella will be read to some batak mantras
after that beat beat again to see pain or not
all that repeats until the fella screams in pain

then he / she will be brought to the chop-head-off area
an executioner will be there
horas horas horas
and off the head fall into a bowl
they will then take his / her heart out
and let the king eats it
and take his / her blood
and let everyone in the area drink
they believe that tru the blood, the guy's power will be transfered to them
and tru the heart
the true power will be transfered to the king

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forgotten who the stone fella is
i think that's where the king sits
forgot d

before we move to the execution area
we took a group shot :)

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move over the execution area
and nv shoot pic d
then after a while of walking around
tipped the local guide
we journeyed with the boat again to another island called tomok
which means fat

long long ago
the king over there was fat
and fat in batak means tomok
so yeah
tomok city = fat city

the bataks there,
if i'm not wrong,
of the karo race
also prefer fatter woman with big busts
these people have 4 boobs and a lizard as their race symbols man !
the 4 boobs means the woman who breast feed the kids
children have to always remember their parents and especially their mother
and be better than them
if the parents studied only like primary school
the kinds have to at least study till secondary school lor
and that is represented in the houses of the bataks
scroll up
and see the two points up of the roof part ?
the front part is always higher than the back
the front would represent the younger ones and the back would means the older generations
and the lizard means
that all bataks will have to be able to live wherever easily
adapt easily
just like lizards !

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at tomok
we visited the tomb of three kings placed at 1 area
then we visited the home of the king
the pic above

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and i jumped in front !

is where the swords and other precious and mystical stuff of the kings are kept
that place have lots of mystical stuff man
there's this long cane of the late-king
who can fly by itself
and obviously they didn't show us
but then again
our local guide told us to come back in june
the month of their festivals
and then, they'll be a lot of mystical showcases
like the flying long cane
and others

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we all posed before we left the place
then we move to the last place of the city

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at this place
there's a pinokio-like doll standing
who is believed to be able to dance by itself
without any strings or whatsoever

it is believed that the spirit of the son of the late king can be called back into this doll and dance in front of an audience
however, to witness it, we gotta tell them at least 1 month in advance
so that the guys can prepare the stuffs
the wife of i've forgotten who again
i think one of our presidents
or vice president
who visited that place last time
was shown the dance
and apparently have to be brought out early
coz the doll danced too close to her
and she got too scared

damn eerie

we went back to our boat
and went back to parapat
once reach
we all went back to our hotel
had dinner and then played monopoly again
late that night
i saw the moon was shining damn brightly
i asked homesick and st to accompany me down to the beach
and shot 2 of what i see as my best shot thus far this holiday
*i haven't edit all my pics yet !*

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4 mins + exposure
i so gotta start editing my pics before it piles up so much more !

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