Sunday, December 23, 2007

the hardest post ever

wtf ?
like finally lor
can freaking load this page
i'm like half playing collapse while waiting one by one the browser to load
was loading my yahoo mail
then loading my gmail
now then finally loading this blog
which took like i don't know how long also
for all i know
i'm already like online for 1 hour 1 min costing me rp 7,000 = 1 buck dollar sing
one another browser i'm trying to load msn
e messenger
this place is so kampong that their msn is still the old sku one and it's not even set up yet !
i'm the first dood to click on msn actually
wtf ?


where exactly am i ?
i am at a place where i've captured my most amazing landscape so far
framed more than 2gb of landscapes
and is currently about 9 hours away from home
it first started when the spare part director asked me if i wanna follow him
saying that this city here has amazing landscapes
natural landscapes
well, i was thinking why not ?
since my main aim this holiday is to capture landscapes
natural landscapes
so there it was
i followed him
and here i am
1 week later
so blardy satisfied


now then the internet fast
wtf !

just now even yahoo come out as


okay since my driver ain't here to fetch me yet
i shall rumble a bit more

so this trip consist of the 3 of us
the spare part dood
and the driver

so while the spare part dood is at town working
me and the driver is at the outter part of the town adventuring
the result ?
the spare part dood is so amazed at me pics
i myself is amazed actually
that he promised to take me to aceh the next time i come back !
aceh, he said
is so so so so so much more natural than this town
well, i don't know what to say man
this town like consists of only 1 main road
so god damn small
2 nights i'm here and i already know how to get around myself !


okay driver not here yet
rumble more


christmas is around the corner and i am yet to capture anything christmas-y
so first thing i would do when i'm back tomorrow is to finish blogging about my trip last month with the guys
already had the pictures
but not yet upload yet : /
then to capture something christmas-y
already have something in mind
but will take a lot of time thou
might try looking at capturing something simpler

i don't know why now blogger is telling me

"could not contact, saving and publishing may fail"

wtf ?

i rumble so long already not cannot post
i shall keep trying to post now
refreshing and refreshing
while me back to waiting while playing collapse

till i get back aight !
luckily i saved my post
like i guessed
it went error
rain went heavy
and the connection went errored
like wth
now i don't freaking know where is my driver

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