Saturday, November 17, 2007


i'm like lazy-ing all over
nv pick up camera
nv do anything also
whole day just slack machiam nobody's business
wake up
play games
watch movies
play games again
and watch movies again
and hang out
complete slackdom

i've been eying for a certain budget light for my experiments
then i went the other day to buy it
damn it
sold out
so i guess the water experiments will halt for a while
and it's time to move on to people
i want portrait !
then here no model :(
and no lights also
so practically i'm just lazy-ing all over
the new lens will be here soon
and once i got that
then the experiments will begin all over again

now i rest time man \m/

i'm slacking
like never before !

but then i think i'm gonna be picking up the camera later
what am i shooting ?

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