Tuesday, November 13, 2007

@ 500 watts

it's damn dangerous
@ 500 watts
i had my very first photography-cal accident
just to get these two not really satisfactory shots

i was playing with light
and droplets again coz i was bored : /

so i did a little set up at the toilet
a 500 watts yello light
1 piece of glass
1 glass
and the drops began

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i placed the light under the piece of glass
and the glass of water was on top of the transparent glass with the tap water dropping directly on top
drop by drop
and soon
i noticed smokes began coming off from on top of the transparent piece of glass
i was like
"OMG !"
the light is so hot
the water that dripped on the piece of glass boiled off immediately man !
and i've forgotten all about putting "glass" in hot temperatures
what was in my mind was
good lah
means my working area would be so much dry-er

after this final shot

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the piece of glass
and there goes the piece of glass
luckily it didn't snapped off flying to my camera or me
luckily the camera was unhurt man !
immediately i packed up
cleaned the mess
and now there's this fear man of using that light

i went to do some macro-ing earlier this morning
post them soon =D
reviewing them now
from what i've seen
i'm quite happy :)

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