Saturday, November 03, 2007


once again
in the mids of the exams period
like it always does

am i being too demanding ?
yes i have
it is simply because i need
that's why i demand

think back
just flash back
was i always like this ?
when did i became like this ?

the answer is simple
it's because i need
that's why i demand

the stress must have eaten me
like it always does
u don't know how it's like being here
living alone
the 4 walls are your only friend
with this screen facing me
my only means of communication to the outside world at times

notes and textbooks scattered across the table
staring back at you with its words
30 chapters to go
and i all i needed was a simple support
not words

it is never enough
because it gets tougher as time moves

all i needed was you
being near me
but it's impossible i know
that's why i asked for your time
like it happened long ago,
the busyness will engulf you
thinking of me won't help
words won't help either

may be this is how it will always be
simply asking too much
and you
being the kind loving you
will keep on giving
and i
will just want more
it will seems it's never enough
and it will be simply because
i really need you
so much
you'll never know

and once again
it is me
that has broken the both of us
like you said
loving each other
but we keep hurting each other
and for that
i'm sorry

what lies beneath this heart
is something
no one knows

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