Saturday, November 10, 2007


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so it's finally over
and i'm kinda in the midst of resisting to sleep
and packing my stuff
the room is in terrible mess

so anyway,
where did i go immediately after the exams ?

i went here,

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the canon link at vivo city
to finally see my pic displayed there
i took a quiet snap shot of this pic
and then i went to the counter
talked to the manager

me : " u guys like have the pouch for the G9 ?"
the manager look-alike : "er..wait ah"
type type on computer
check check
the manager look-alike : "er...sorry we went run out of stock leh"
*lingers around*
the manager look-alike : " we're actually waiting for the next shipment"
me : ", can i like take pics of the pics there ?"
the manager look-alike : "i'm sorry, i'm afraid not"
me : "er...but one of those are my pic ?"
the manager look-alike : "eh...? what's ur name ?"
me : "er..Herbert Johan ?"
the dood walks over to the pic
me points at my pic
me : "there there...can see i in there also wad right"
the manager look-alike : "oh yeah...go ahead"

so i hand over the camera to homesick
attached the flash
set the settings
aimed the flash up to bounce back

*flashes flashes flashes*

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tadaaa =D

and i've been wanting to do this ever since i knew my that work will be up at vivo city

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two finallys for today !

so what will be the first thing i do when i hit medan later ?
over the exams period
my sleeping pattern had screwed up so badly
it's really really really damn tiring
and right now
i'm like clocking a sleep dept of dunno how many hours already
20+ i can assure you
had a quick nap just now
like 1 hour plus or what
i didn't dim the light
and i can't sleep well in bright lights
i actually purposely shine my study light at my bed there
set the alarm clock to 6 a.m.
so i can clean this room
so when i come back two months later,
i'll be greeted by a clean tidy room to start the semester again

and i know how u are gonna be so furious about this, f
but the fact that i'm gonna be seeing you in like from now...
5 hours time
is where exactly all my remaining power is going to
yes, i am afraid that i'll overslept
i'm afraid that i'll miss the flight
but no i'm not afraid of the nagging mum is gonna spray at me if that happens
it's the fact that i'll have to delay a day or two more is what is keeping me awake
i miss you
and i know you miss me too :)

once home,
i'm so gonna recharge this battery man
pay off all my sleep debt
and when i can finally think straight again
then we'll see what will be the plan next

in 5 hours
from now :)

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