Monday, November 05, 2007

5 days 4 nights

5 days and 4 nights more to go

5 days till the 9th
and 4 nights of continuous nerding

i honestly can't freaking wait till i go home
can't wait to experiments some more man

medan = my paradise for photography experimentations

and i kinda guess it's confirmed that i'll be getting the lens
i'm like 90% confirm of getting the 10-22mm
well, except someone can tell me why i shouldn't get that
and go for the either 17-40mm or 17-55mm instead

the lightnings struck like mad earlier
and it's still raining till now
each strike was a damn temptation for me
i had been wanting to get a lightning here in singapore
man, especially from that level 22
how amazing would it be !
tonight was my chance
it practically strikes almost every min
would have been just nice enough for me to get a
hermmm...let's say a 40 seconds exposure to get the lights of the surrounding and the lightning itself !

but there i was in the corner of my room lights shining down to the notes
eyes glued to the papers
pen on the hand scribbling and scribbling
memorizing and memorizing



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- break time over -
gotta go back to the notes

believe it or not
1 whole textbook of glossary = 5 questions in the exams = 20 marks of the total 50 marks in the exams

total madness

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