Tuesday, August 22, 2006

why i'd remember YOU !

i don't know if i can come out with 65 names.
but i'll try my best to come up with all that's in my mind right now.

1. melly : no comment.

2. ellyn : "stress" "stress" "stress" first day of class also stress already. but end up always get good grades. always.

3. alvet : you're one nice fella. that's all i can really say. don't really know you much. we never hang out..but sportive also.from the marketing project.always rushing to go off.dunno go where.

4. alpino : anti-social and smart. nuff said.

5. handi : ur deep voice of course !

you guys are the best !

now it's in random order.
it's not who i prefer or wadeva.
i'm refering to the blur class pic.

6. hui qing : CK and WILSON ! short skirt

7. WILSON : you're good in everything man.bowling badminton...u everyday train one arh.

8. sulyn : ahem praveen ahem....

9. stefanie : that smile :) u have an amazing smile.

10. furnise : eh...u damn loud u know.

11. eugene aw : the dragon leg of our class and always young at heart ah.

12. kelvin : sure will remember you man.i've got a close friend name chuanzhi too, drunkard. and don't let me catch u with caroline ah !

13. caroline : illigal immigrant. HAHAHAHHA. and what's with u and yating ah.

14. yating : the china doll of our class ! u're terribly afraid of cats ! i wonder why.

15. jean : i think u shld let us sign that hand cast !

16. lydia : f.i.r song title. and u drew me from the back ah in sem 1.nothing better to do ah.

17. denise : i know u received a warning later from fabious.

18. fabious : too bad you ain't fabulous at all. i don't know it's just u or u're always hao lian-ing lah.

19. zhicao : thanks for the movies !

20. ria : wet dreams gal, wet dream. =x

21. luiza : is that how to spell ur name ? u're nice. i think we've never talk before prior to tday.

22. dawn : hi, how are you ?

i saw dawn
it made me yawn
whenever i see dawn
i can't help but yawn

rhytme ah...i know its lame but it rhymes ! and i don't mean it k.

23. deborah gan : u shocked me when u spoke indo to me.u're a good gal.

24. chan min : do take care of her yeah. and the badminton cum dinner sessions were fun ! we shall do it even after the classes end yea ?

25. praveen : dude, is that something wrong wif ur camera or wad ? anyway, u're a nice guy too. and i know, u' always have ur own opinion bout things and will stand up for it.

26. hem : hardworking smart ass guy.

27. ridzwan : again, i don't know how to spell ur name lah. another hardworking guy !

29. vivian : the jaguar !

30. jack : this guy super hardworking ah.and stop smashing everybody ! badminton again ?

31. jacquline : from the pic below of coz ! i don't even remember had we ever talk before. but that pic sure will remind me of u ! what a pose !!!

32. cara : wad's wif the parading of ur relationship around the sch ah ?

33. aparna : the mother of our class :)

34. deborah : you are....ermmmm.....i don't know..but i'll remember you somehow.you're christie's friend i know.

35. cathrine : i don't know, but it seems like u suddenli turn 180 after that break up. to the better of course !

36. the other eugene : gamer. shall i say...the playboy too ? were you ever serious at all ?

37. amanda : never got the chance to really know you, but u seems like the type that knows how to have fun !

38. ray : i owe u a lot man. u're the best. take care of melly man.well, u better !

39. ashton : italy !! another person i wish i'd know better. u seem like a really nice guy.

40. irene : the korean gal ! thanks for the rain songs.

41. desiree : sorry des, but i really don't know what to say about u leh. one thing is, thank you for the birthday cake :) i'll always remember that.

42. hui ying : you're a nice gal i know..and it was really great having the chance to be in the same grp as u.

43. pauline : religious.

44. zann : hermmmmm...another person i don't know what to say about.but i sure will remember u...since i remember ur name afterall !

45. dat : the quietest guy in the class. and extremely a marvelous artist !

46. wei loon : i think u're one of the best public speaker in the class man. extremely confident.

47. nikki : dota gal ! hahaha

not bad ah...i thought i wouldn't even manage to write to 20 names.
seems like i remember more than half of our class ppl names after all.
really sorry for those names i can't remember or i missed.
really got problem remembering names lah.
i know it's been a year and it's unforgivable.
but i'm really terribly sorry.
oh yeah,
what say we do things like we do in the secondary sch.
back then, i used my uniform and go around the sch and ask all those i know to sign on them.
since we don't have a uniform.
what say each of us just find a good nice looking paper and ask everyone to sign instead ?
or we can use a book too !
i'm gonna do it.
who's with me ?

the class' ending.
they say,
for every beginning,
there's an ending.
but i say,
let this ending.
be the beginning.
for our friendships.

well, that was for most of u who i haven't really got the chance to know and yeah..for the weird things that's been happening lately.
where suddenly we talk as a group.
where all suddenly all the outings come out.

melly : you're the best :)
my aunty in class.
what would i do without ur nagging man.
you really had helped me a lot in the books thing.
oh yeah,
can lend ur macro notes again ?
you're simply the best.

i love you princess.
please take care.
this heart aches to see u in pain.
please don't bring school stress home.
i don't want you to be like dad.
please don't.

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