Sunday, August 27, 2006

chalet, how ? how ? how ?

how come like suddenly no news bout the chalet ?
huh ?
oi oi oi !
who's organising it.

from me.
i can ask my fren to book the changi seaview.
but must book 4 days straight.
price i duno.
and if wanna ask him book.
haf to ask NOW.
coz there'll be 1 week working time.
after 1 week then can confirm we get the chalet or not.

if dun wan that.
can somebody go book aloha already ?

from the signatures the other day that dawn passed around,
i counted like there are about only 25 people that kinda confirm can come.
the rest all depends first.
and most of the chinese and vietnamese are leaving like soon.
more than 50% leaving on 3rd / 5th going back to their country.

so how how how how ?

oh yea,
and i'm available only until the 8th.
my dad coming on the 8th.
so it's kinda impossible to go when dad's here.
but i can still visit the chalet but no staying over lah..

all the very extremely best to the revisioners :)

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