Tuesday, August 08, 2006


i was damn damn damn bored some time ago.
may be like last sem or wad.
and was about to clean my room from the mess.
i wore my shoe.
on some music.
and dance....

okay that was fucked up.
here's the real dancing.
it was princess' high school farewell party.
now, why can't tks had such a great farewell party.
damn it man.


they danced for the opening of the farewell dinner.
and here again,

they had really good singers too.
this guy,
william tandean.
has really a god damn power voice.
i kinda feel his version of wo ai de ren is better than jordan chan's.
of course got some part not very nice la.
but if he'd practise more...
he'll beat jordan's wo ai de ren in no time man.

and of course,
thou she didn't had time to practise that time.
and just recovered from her flu.
i still feel her voice is damn lovely :).

you're my best princess.
miss ya !

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